How 29 Images Created this Completely DIFFERENT Portrait

When I first sat with the Moore family, it became very clear to me very quickly, they were looking for a Family Portrait uniquely different than your run-of-the-mill Portrait. I could tell this because of Tim, a guy who likes to build custom motorcycles, appreciates having things that are different.

The #1 reason I’m commissioned to create One-of-a-Kind Portraits, as you will see in this Portrait I call “Flying through South Dakota”, is because they are completely DIFFERENT than anything you have seen, or will ever see.

My vision, as a Portrait Photographer based out of Rockwall, TX, is to Inspire Happiness and Smiles, and there’s nothing that inspires Smiles more than seeing your amazing family in a Portrait that’s DIFFERENT than anything your friends or family have ever seen.

Let me show you how I did this using 29 individual images.

Have you EVER Seen a Portrait like this?

When I first sat down with the Moore’s, as I do with any family who commissions me to create a uniquely Different Portrait for them, I show them samples so they get a better idea of what I can do for them.

composite photography portrait of tim moore family created by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

Trust me, seeing a Photillustrator Portrait as a 50” stretched canvas piece is a much Different Experience than seeing the small digital version on your smartphone or computer.

Once the Moore’s looked through my sample book and knowing they were looking for a Portrait as Different as they saw their family, I asked them one simple question…

Have you EVER seen a Portrait like this?

Of course, the answer was “No”, so we sat out for the next 30 minutes of their Discovery Session to create a Portrait Concept they would happily call theirs.

concept sketch for family portrait by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

Breaking Down the 29 Images

Once the Concept Sketch was completed, and the Moore’s had all the details they wanted to tell their story, the challenge of capturing the images began.

To create a story so totally Different, and that had meaning for this time of the Moore’s lives, I had to capture the images in both Dallas, TX, and Spearfish, South Dakota.

This uniquely DIFFERENT Portrait would not have been possible if not for my ability to capture the images I needed here in Dallas, as well as travel to the Moore’s home in South Dakota, then combine the 29 individual images using an illustrative technique that has become known as my Photillustrator style.

Now, let me ask you, “Have you EVER seen a Portrait like this?”

complete breakdown of composite photography portrait of moore family

#1: Tim
#2: Cheryl
#3: Bundy
#4: Puppy
#5: Bundy’s Scooter
#6: Lego
#7: Toy Roadster
#8: Green Motorcycle
#9: Orange Motorcycle
#10: Blue Vespa
#11: Red Vespa
#12 Driveway
#13: Driveway
#14: Address Rock
#15: Groundhog

#16: Pine Tree
#17: Cardinal
#18: House
#19: House Windows
#20: White Motorcycle
#21: Purple Motorcycle
#22: Hamster’s Flag
#23: Background Trees
#24: Mount Rushmore
#25: Sky
#26: Garage
#27: Stone Ledge
#28: Mountain
#29: Tree Branches

A Closer Look BTS

Aside from how Different your Family Portrait will be, one of the coolest things about my Photillustrator Process is comparing the pictures right out of my camera, with the same images after they’ve gone through my editing process.

Here, see for yourself.

before and after of composite photography of tim moore

before and after of composite photography of bundy moore

composite photography of mount rushmore

composite photography of green motorcycle before and after

That’s a Wrap

The Moore’s were looking for a uniquely Different Portrait, and as you can see, through the digital world of Composite Photography, I was able to deliver not only a Portrait that met their expectations of Different, but one I believe inspires a little bit of Happiness and Smiles in all of us.

So, let me ask you one final time, “Have you EVER seen a Portrait quite like this?”

If you’re looking for a uniquely Different Portrait, whether it be of your Family, yourself, or your children, consider the endless possibilities of a Photillustrator Portrait.

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