36 Images to Having Fun at the Lake House

I met Megen at the Alcuin School Auction Event as she helped me organize my Portrait Samples for the Live Auction they were to be in, which BTW ended up being one of the best Auction Events I’ve ever participated in. Anyway, I remember how much Megen loved my Portraits and her telling me, “You’re going to get a call from us because I love your work.”

Of course, I hear that from a lot of people and never hear anything again from them, but Megen was different. After a few months, Megen did call, super excited to get started on a Creative Portrait that would highlight their new lake house.

Following is the breakdown of Megen, and her husband Troy’s, Amazing Family Portrait and the 36 separate images I used to create the Portrait we call “Lake House Fun”.

My Mission, as a Rockwall, TX Portrait Photographer, is to Inspire the World, and all of us living in it, through Uniquely Different Portraits. You no longer have to settle for the boring, Traditional Portraits of decades past when you can Experience your Fun and Entertaining world within a Photillustrator Portrait.

Now, hang on tight, and let’s take a look at the breakdown of Lake House Fun.

Uniquely Different Portraits

Nearly 100% of the time when I ask a new client “Why did you choose Photillustrator over any other Portrait Photography Studio”, they respond with “Because I wanted something DIFFERENT!”

composite photography portrait of manson family by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

The FACT is every family is Uniquely Different, each with their own personalities, interests, hobbies, memories, and in many cases dysfunction, and we all love how special our families are to us.

The problem is, the only way to Portray our Uniquely Different Family’s has been with a Boring Traditional Portrait.

There is NO WAY a Boring Traditional Portrait with each of your family members dressed alike, all smiling for the camera, and lined up in a pyramid fashion because that represents “stability”, portrays who your family really is.

concept sketch for family portrait of manson family

How many times have you gone out and purchased new outfits just so you would look “great” for your Boringly Traditional Portrait, or you put on your happy face smile so you would look “good” for your Boringly Traditional Portrait, or the photographer poses you in an awkward way so you would look “fantastic” for your Boringly Traditional Portrait?

As you can see with Megen and Troy’s Family Portrait, when you get a Uniquely Different from Photillustrator, we throw all that nonsense out the window and let YOU, BE YOU.

The 36 Photos of Lake House Fun

You may be thinking, “I don’t know, these type of Portraits really don’t fit our family’s style or personality. We’re a lot more conservative than this.”

My response to you is “Hogwash! Your family is Uniquely Different in its own way, and what you’re really telling me is, you don’t want anybody to see how Fun and Entertaining you really are behind the curtains.”

Troy and Megen upon first appearance are a nice quiet family who looks like just about any other successful family in Dallas. They drive the nice cars, have the nice Dallas home, have three awesome kids in private school, and two dogs that are oddly different. By all external appearances, they are “NORMAL”, but when you pull back the curtain and get to know the Manson’s, they are so DIFFERENT.

Through their Uniquely Different Portrait, I hope you see and feel how Fun, Loving, and Entertaining this family is once you get to know them.

breakdown of composite photography portrait by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

#1: Troy Fishing
#2: Megen Drinking
#3: Wyatt & Adler on Jet Ski
#4: Quinn Flying
#5: Valentina
#6: Scooter
#7: Adler’s Pony (Hidden Touch)
#8: Lake House 1
#9: Lake House 2
#10: Lake 1
#11: Lake 2
#12: Lake Edge 1

#13: Lake Edge 2
#14: Jet Ski Wake
#15: Jet Ski Splashes
#16: Boat Dock
#17: Grass 1
#18: Grass 2
#19: Moon
#20: Sky 1
#21: Sky 2
#22: Torch Flames
#23: Boat House
#24: Texas Flag

#25: Birds
#26: TP Sticker (Hidden Touch)
#27: Bottle (Hidden Touch)
#28: Game (Hidden Touch)
#29: Fishing Lure
#30: Fishing Line
#31: Bike (Hidden Touch)
#32: Soccer Ball (Hidden Touch)
#33: Cardinal (Hidden Touch)
#34: Paw Print (Hidden Touch)
#35: Plastic Cup (Hidden Touch)
#36: Alligator (Hidden Touch)

A Closer Look BTS

With each Creative Family Portrait, you have the option to include a Journey Book, which includes many of the original images and several comparison images so you can see the Difference between the original picture straight out of the camera vs. the amazing picture that was included in your Uniquely Different Portrait.

before and after of composite photography jet ski

composite photography before and after of quinn

composited before and after of megen

composite photography before and after of troy

That’s a Wrap

The Manson’s didn’t want the same old Boringly Traditional Portrait everyone else is getting, instead, they wanted a Uniquely Different Portrait that truly represented who their family is and that could capture the many details that make their family so Different.

So, let me ask you, “Would you rather be Boringly Traditional, or Uniquely Different?”

If you’re looking for a Portrait that’s Fun, Entertaining, and Uniquely Different, then look no further because you won’t find another Portrait Photographer like this anywhere.

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I only recently discovered your work, and I feel like your biggest fan. I love the images you create, and the style in which you composite your art. I have a couple of questions. One is, how do you get the fishing line in? I have attempted to do little boys fishing, and I always struggle getting a fishing line in…. The second is, do you shoot all the images or do you use any stock pngs…. Thanks for the amazing teaching and willingness to support others.

Thanks so much for commenting and my apologies for the late reply. I’ve been in L.A. this past week on a big Family Portrait Project and just returned to Dallas. As for your questions… The fishing line is painted in using a very fine brush and several attempts until I get something close to what I’m happy with. Once I get what I like, I believe I did a couple of other shading type things just to give it some dimension. As for the photos, nearly 100% of the images I use are mine unless the client has a photo of a loved one they want to add, which I scan and add it in via photoshop. I’m constantly building my stock library of trees, skies, and other type scenery so I can have a variety to pull from. Hope this helps…

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