A Composition Test: Where Do I Put the Piano?

Do you ever wonder why some images, whether they be paintings, illustrations, photographs, or Photo Composites, succeed while others fall short?

Of course, there are many answers to this question, but one of the biggest reasons some art succeeds is because of Composition.

It’s true, Composition is based on a lot of rules and standards like the Rule of Thirds or Leading Eye Lines, but creativity is not a mechanical process that can be summed up with simple rules and standards.

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So, I’ve created a Composition Test to test what Compositionally “feels” right.

The Composition Test

Every detail in a Composition makes a difference, so I’ve created a simple Composition Test to see where and why you’d place the small piano within my “Watermelon Martinis” family portrait.

My client LOVES music and has asked if I could place a small wooden piano his mother gave him somewhere in their portrait. Of course, I said, “Heck Yeah! How about we make it floating somewhere in the pool?”

My client loved that idea, so now we have to figure out the BEST place to place his piano.

Choose where you’d place the piano in “Watermelon Martinis” by choosing between 1, 2, or 3 and leave your answer in the comments below along with why you chose that spot.

test your composition knowledge with this simple composition test

To be honest, there are no right or wrong answers to this “test”, but I am curious to see how you answer.

The Mechanics of Creativity

Since we’re on the subject of creativity and Composition, and since I just mentioned the “mechanics” of creating, let’s talk about the creative process.

Unlike painting or drawing, photography tends to attract 2 different types, or a combination of types, of people.

Those who are creative right-brainers and those who are analytical left-brainers.

right and left brain for creativity

For those who are more left brained, it’s all about the camera you use, the lights you choose, the exposures you make, the rule of thirds, and many other technical aspects of the craft of photography.

Left Brainers construct an image based on rules.

For those who are more right-brained, like me, we could care less about fancy gear and Compositional rules.

Right-Brainers create an image based on feelings.

Now, I’m not saying there’s a right or “left” way to approach Composite Photography, but I can tell you there are common trends as to where you’ll find these two types of photographers.

That’s a Wrap

If you answer honestly, this Composition Test will give great insight into the creative process of you and others, telling us whether our Compositions tend towards Right or Left Brain thinking.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, click the red “Check it Out” button in the yellow bar at the top of this page and download my 5 Compositional Elements guide.

Now, leave a comment below with your Composition Test answer and why you answered the way you did.

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