The Perspective of Advertising Photographer Jean Yves Lemoigne

The Perspective of Advertising Photographer Jean Yves Lemoigne

I haven’t really been writing Photography reviews on Composite Photographers lately. Mostly because I’ve just been super busy working on my own work and building my business along the way.

Today, however, I do have a cool Advertising Photographer I’d like to share and the interesting perspective of Jean Yves Lemoigne.

I’ve talked a lot in the past about inspiration and the High Price of Inspiration, but I’m always looking at what other Photographers are doing and the artwork they’re producing. So, as I wait for my wife Taren to run her Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon, I thought I’d take some time and Google “Advertising Photography”, and after sifting through a lot of average images, one caught my eye.

The imagery of Jean Yves Lemoigne is what we’ll be exploring today.

Photographer Jean Yves Lemoigne

Jean Yves is a French Advertising Photographer who aspires to tell stories through his Photography rather than show off his skill set or digital mastery.

You can connect with Jean Yves Lemoigne on Facebook or Instagram, or on his website at

Jean Yves works with some of the biggest clients in the industry such as Audi, Axe, Citoren, Hewlett-Packard, and Old Spice just to name a few, and has won many awards for his amazing work.

Considering how difficult it is to break into the world of Advertising Photography, Jean has managed to become one of the elites in the Photographic Industry.

Jean Yves Inspiring Advertising Photography

While I’m not aware of Jean Yves Lemoigne’s workflow and/or how much of his work is Composited, I do know he’s a Master at his craft of telling the story, which in my opinion is the hardest thing to accomplish.

Whether he’s considered a Composite Photographer or not, it’s clear Jean Yves is an inspiring fellow to watch.

advertising photography of jean yves lemoigne

As I was sifting through the images on my Google Search, this image is what caught my attention and why I clicked through to discover this amazing Advertising Photographer.

How an image is cropped is one of the BIGGEST creative decisions you will make as a Photographer, and for me, cropping this image at the nose of this girl is PERFECT.

As a member of PPA, one of the frequent criticisms I receive is on how tight my cropping is and how I cut things off within the frame. For Photographers like Jean Yves, who aspire to tell the story, this cropping style sparks the Imagination and Directs Attention to what really matters.

Super important for Advertising Photography, directing your attention to the product story, but also super important in Portrait Photography where we should be directing the viewer’s attention toward the personal story.

jean yves lemoigne advertising photographer

As I was flipping through Jean’s website and looking at his Advertising Photography work, this image of the kids in a homemade sling shot totally captured my attention.

It’s simple and tells a fantastic story, which is what we as people and consumers get emotionally attached to.

I find this notion inspiring because as an aspiring Advertising Photographer myself, I hear too frequently how my work is geared too much toward Family Portrait Photography and not Advertising. Look around at some of the biggest Advertising Photographers in the industry such as Jean Yves, you will see many of their Advertising Images, not Product-Centric, but rather Story Centric.

advertising photography of jean yves lemoigne

One of the things I like most about Jean’s Photography is how it’s hard to tell how he technically did what he did, which is completely different than the work you’ll see in my Personal Portrait Gallery, or my Signature Style Portraits.

While Jean’s images clearly use many fewer images than I typically use, for me I believe it’s more technically difficult to create realistic Composited images, which is mostly why I’ve chosen a more animated look to my work.

Looking back at my work over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed my “animated” style, while still animated, is moving more towards a more realistically Photographic look in some cases. I should point out, more realistic in the characters, not the story.

That’s a Wrap

When I get into a Creative Funk like I’ve been in lately, I like to get on Google and look for Amazing Photographers like Jean Yves Lemoigne to INSPIRE me and get those creative juices flowing again.

For me, this INSPIRATION helps me refocus my vision for the growth of my own Photography and Composite Photography.

Jean Yves has inspired me to think even more about the stories I want to tell in my work, and to work even hard to bring a more realistic element into my Composite Photography.

To walk the line between the Real World and the Animated World just a little bit closer.

I recommend connecting with Jean Yves Lemoigne on Facebook or Instagram, or on his website at

What do you think of French Advertising Photographer Jean Yves Lemoigne and what Photographers Inspire You?

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