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Anything Goes with Creative Portraits

Uniquely Different Portraits for Uniquely Different People

You may have noticed but traditional portraits are pretty dang boring, don’t ya think?

They don’t offer you much opportunity to show off the fun personalities of your family and they’re really hard to get excited about.

At Photillustrator, we give your family portrait an injection of fun and give you the opportunity to show off your family’s uniquely different personalities.

We do this by starting with the story.

creative family portrait of dallas family with a tank

A Uniquely Different Story

Believe it or not, your family has a really fun story to tell.

No, not your typical “Once upon a time” story but a story that brings all your fun personalities together in one amazing portrait memory.

How do you know what your story is?

concept sketch for fun family portrait with tank

We start with a Discovery Session where we get to know you and your fun personalities, then, with a series of questions, we help create your family’s unique story.

Once you’re happy with your story concept, I’ll create what I call a Concept Sketch, which you’ll have the opportunity to change or approve at your Approval Session.

Think of yourself as the director of your Story Portrait.

The Creative Portrait Process

Once we’ve nailed down the idea for your Creative Family Portrait, it’s time to start the photography process, which is a 2 step process.

Step #1: Scene Photography

The first Photo Session is solely dedicated to capturing all the photography I’ll need to create and build the scene for your fun family portrait.

I’ll take many different photos, which I’ll then blend together to create your portrait’s backdrop.

Here’s the difference between the photo that comes out of my camera and what you’ll display on your wall.

On average, I’ll spend anywhere between 10 and 20 hours of digital artwork creating your backdrop scene.

Step #2: Character Photography

Once the backdrop for your family portrait has been created, the fun begins with the second Photo Session where I photograph all the crazy characters of your family.

From mom and dad to the family pooch, we’ll have a lot of laughs during this part of the creative process.

As you can see, there’s a big difference between what I see in my camera and what your final portrait will look like.

The Photos Behind the Portrait

Every single Creative Family Portrait I make uses anywhere between 20 different photographs all the way up to a 100+, with this portrait using 31 photos.

Whether a portrait, traditional or creative, is successful or not comes down to the details.

That’s why I use so many photos within one Creative Family Portrait, giving me the chance to photograph all the important details and adding them into the composition.

breakdown of creative family portrait composite with an old army tank

Honestly, no detail is too small for your family portrait as is witnessed by the flying birds in the sky.

Schedule Your Portrait NOW!

I understand these crazy family portraits aren’t for everyone but if you’re looking for a portrait that’s DIFFERENT and one you’ll cherish and pass down to your kids, I want to help.

Simply call me at (214) 945-3226 or email me at [email protected] and let’s get you scheduled for your Creative Portrait Discovery Session.

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