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Approval Session

The Approval Session

Giving You 100% Control over Your Amazing Portrait

concept sketch for composited family portrait by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

Approve the Concept Sketch of your Photillustrator Portrait or make any changes you’d like to see

Approval Session Goal

Bringing Your Uniquely Different Portrait from Sketch to Life

approval of your family portrait concept sketch


You have full Control over your Amazing Family Portrait by Photillustrator. From making any changes you’d like to see with your portrait to Approving its final look, I won’t start any Photography until you’re 100% Happy with your Concept.

best colors to wear for your family portrait by photillustrator


The colors we choose for your Family Portrait make a HUGE Difference, so we will discuss various options for clothing and colors. The best Portraits in the world can fall short when poor color choices are made.

down payment on your family portrait by photillustrator

Down Payment

Your Family Portrait will be Different from any Portrait ever created. Before scheduling the Photography Sessions required to bring your Amazing Family Portrait to Life, you will be making a 50% Down Payment.

“You know how most people have Boring Family Portraits that all look the same?”
“Your Family Portrait will truly be Uniquely Different and like most of my clients,
you’ll love your Portrait so much, you’ll actually want to Brag about it!”

family portrait testimonial from kathy ruff

My favorite thing is our Photillustrator Portrait

I just finished spending 2 years designing and building my dream home and I can tell you hands down that my favorite thing in it is our Photillustrator Portrait. We had more fun working with Jason on this project than I ever could have imagined. He truly took the time to get to know our family and it shows in how perfect our portrait is for us. I can’t wait to do another one!
K. Ruff