composite photography of twin boys with grandparents by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

10 Images of “Bad Hair Day” – Dallas Portrait Photographer

One of the great benefits of being a Dallas Portrait Photographer, and especially one who specializes in Portraits that capture your story and personalities, is I get to capture my own stories and the personalities of the people I love.

So, today I’m sharing the really funny story of my boys and Grandma’s “Bad Hair Day”.

Most people worry about how they look during Traditional Portraits, but as you will see with my One-of-a-Kind Photillustrations, looking flawless is not typically what works the best.

So, put down your curling iron and makeup, and let’s break down “Bad Hair Day”.

Bad Hair Day

My mom can NEVER do anything without going through the hours long process of fixing her hair and putting on her makeup.

I swear, it sounds like a construction zone when she’s at work.

And the entire time she’s plastering, hammering, and chiseling, my boys and I are tirelessly waiting out in the front room while Grandpa George watches the latest on FOX News.

With a big sigh, Luka will ask, “When is she going to be done?”

Of course that’s anyone’s guess, but rather than set my family up for a nice posed Portrait that would be meaningless 20 years later, I thought, “Let’s tell the story in an Awesome Photillustration.”

composite photography of twin boys with grandparents by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

The really cool thing about my Unique style of Portraits is, I can include many elements that mean something to everyone.

For instance, when I was a teenager, I snuck into the bathroom while my grandmother was getting out of the shower, and from around the wall video taped her.

Later, when everyone was huddled around the TV to watch our Thanksgiving footage, guess what they saw?

Having my son Niko with the camera around the door allowed me to pay homage to that event in my life, while capturing a scene that rings true to this day.

Breaking Down Bad Hair Day

As you can imagine, creating this Portrait with a woman who can’t go anywhere without first having her hair and makeup ready, was no easy feat.

In fact, it took a LOT of persuading.

“This isn’t a portrait for you, it’s for the boys, so they can remember you long after you’re gone!”

I think that’s really what sold it to her, and my boys love it.

the breakdown of the bad hair day family portrait by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

#1 Niko: When I need someone to make a great face, Niko is my go-to guy.

#2 Luka: Luka doesn’t often emote as big as his brother, but after a bit of yelling, he did a good job for this Photillustration.

#3 Grandma: In typical fashion, my mom came out to get her picture taken with her hair mostly done, and makeup on, so I did a bit of Photoshop work on her.

#4 Grandpa George: Really, the only one who didn’t fight me to have his picture created. He was such a good sport.

#5 Kayla the Dog: Ok, Kayla didn’t fight me much either, but a Portrait with a dog is always better than one without.

#6 Donald Trump: Because Grandpa George is a big Trump supporter, I added that in to surprise him.

#7 & #8 Bedroom: I had to take a couple of different images of my mother’s bedroom so I could move things around, but the cool thing is all the pictures she has of the boys and I when they were younger.

#9 Bed: The bed post wasn’t where I wanted it to be, so I added a separate image of the bed.

#10 Bathroom: Because the bedroom was so dark, and the bathroom was so light, I had to Composite those images together.

#11 Camera: Not on the breakdown image, the final picture was the image I used to add into the camera screen.

Behind the Scenes Photos

To give you a better idea of how my “Bad Hair Day” Composite came together, here are some of the unedited images I used.

bad hair day 1

bad hair day 2

bad hair day 3

bad hair day 4

bad hair day 5

That’s a Wrap

Your Portrait doesn’t have to be a boring picture of you posing and smiling for the camera.

With Composite Photography and my style of Photillustrations, I can create anything your heart desires.

Remember, “The only limitation we have, is your own imagination.”

I hope you enjoyed getting a Behind-the-Scenes look at my crazy family.

If you have any questions about having me create a Family Portrait for you, or how I made “Bad Hair Day”, don’t hesitate to Contact Me anytime.

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