Breaking Down my Bass Pro Shop Composite

Breaking Down my Bass Pro Shop Composite

In my opinion, Composite Photography is one of the coolest things photo technology has given us today, because it gives me the opportunity to literally create anything you can think up.

Which brings me to the breakdown of my Brass Pro Shop Composite.

Since starting up Compositing back in February of this year, I’ve had the idea of creating a Photillustration with a fisherman type theme, and while it’s taken me a while to get done, I believe it’s my favorite so far.

So, let me “hook” you up with the “catch” of the day.

Bass Pro Shop

By far, the coolest part of being a Dallas Advertising Photographer is being able to create scenes and experiences that would NEVER exist in real life.

That is, scenes you would never “catch” in one single moment in time.

While, unlike a lot of Composites many Photographers are creating today, I like to keep my work within the realm of reality.

Which simply means, “It could happen!”

Yes, everything you see in my Bass Pro Shop composite could happen, but it would be impossible to capture it all happening at the same time, and within the same frame.

So, I take creative liberty with reality, and help it out a little…

conceptual photography of bass pro shop and tracker boats by dallas advertising photographer, jason ulsrud

When I finish a Composite like this, I’m always amazed at how different elements, such as the Bass Pro Shop store, look after going through my Photillustrator process.

Again, stretching the fabric of reality…

Breaking Down Bas Pro Shop

My Bas Pro Shop Composite was a personal project to show how a specific product and brand could be integrated into my Photillustrations.

It’s a fun and effective way to show a brand within enjoyable moments.

When asked if I can create a Photo Composite around a specific product, service, or brand, I tell Ad Agencies and Art Directors what I tell my other clients…

“The only limitation we have, is your own Imagination.”

breakdown of bass pro shop composite

#1 Rodney: Rodney is a good friend of mine who I know loves fishing, and was the perfect fit for this role.

#2 Grandson 1: I wanted the youngest grandson to look surprised his grandfather was catching a big old bass.

#3 Grandson 2: Clearly this grandson is surprised his grandfather is such an expert fisherman thanks to Bass Pro Shop.

#4 Grandson 4: Originally this was to be another dude, but we used Rodney’s grandson to make it more personal for him.

#5 Grandson 5: This grandson is supposed to be angry his grandfather is catching all the fish with his Bass Pro Shop setup.

#6 Nitro Boat: I photographed the Nitro boat, which was sitting on a trailer on display out in front of Bass Pro Shop.

#7 Tracker Boat: The toughest part about photographing these boats was making sure the angles were correct.

#8 & 9 Lake: I photographed the lake out by Bass Pro Shop, which was a Composite of 2 different images.

#10 & 11 Bass Head: Because we were holding the fish by the mouth, I had to Composite 2 different images to get a full mouth.

#12 Bass Body: The body of the bass was photographed flat, and I add some wrapping in Photoshop to give it a twisting, jumping look.

#13 Splashes & Ripples: I used Photoshop paint brushes to achieve this look.

#14 Hula Popper: The guy at Bass Pro Shop said this was a good floater lure for catching bass, so I bought it for this Composite.

#15 & 16 Blue Heron: I visited a local bird rehabilitation center, which had 14 blue herons on ground, to capture the images of this 2 bird Composite.

#17 Stump: I used this same stump in my “Fairy Tale” Composite.

#18 Fishing Lure: Another lure I bought at Bass Pro Shop for this Composite.

#19 Fishing Line: I used the paint brush tool to create the fishing line in this Composite.

#20 Bass Pro Shop Bobber: Another Bass Pro Shop purchase.

#21 Stick: I used a photo I shot from the front of Bass Pro Shop and cut this stick out to be used in the water.

#22 & 23 Trees: I couple of stock images I’ve taken of trees, and use quite often in my Composites.

#24 Birds: Stock images I have of birds flying.

#25 Cloudy Sky: This image was shot using my Samsung Note 4, which I’m not a fan of btw… Can’t wait to go back to the iPhone.

#26 Bass Pro Shop: I’m amazed how good the Bass Pro Shop looks in this Composite, considering the image I took early in the morning, and angle it was taken at.

#27 Under Water: This is simply a painted layer within Photoshop.

#28 Bass: This is one of the bass Rodney caught to be featured in this Composite.

#29 & 30 Rocks: These are rocks from in front of Bass Pro Shop.

#31 Bass: It was a good fishing day for bass.

#32 Bubbles: Created using a Photoshop paint brush.

Where it All Started

So you have a better idea of where my Bass Pro Shop Photillustration began, here are some of the RAW photos I used right out of my camera.

bass pro shop


nitro boat

hula popper


Let’s “Reel” it In

The entire purpose of my creating this Bass Pro Shop Composite is to show how products, services, and brands can be integrated into my Photillustrator style of work.

Which, I hope you have a better idea of now.

My goal is, and always has been, to make people happy and smile more, which would be healthy advertising for any company or brand, don’t you think?

Now it’s your turn to let me know what you think of my most favorite Photillustration so far.

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