34 Hours and 90 Images Behind the Egyptian

This Family Portrait is a BIG DEAL.

Well, they’re all a Big Deal, but for obvious reasons, this Family Portrait is a really BIG Deal.

Not only to the Campisi Family who own and operate the most popular pizza restaurant in Texas called Campisi’s, but also to me because I told David and Niki they would love their Portrait and it would turn out Amazing.

So Amazing in fact, it took me 34 hours and 90 images to create their Family Portrait called “Behind the Egyptian”.

Being a Portrait Photographer in Rockwall, TX who travels the U.S. creating Creative Family Portraits for Uniquely Different People, it’s super important I make each and every Portrait Different and Amazing because each family I work with deserves to have a Creative Family Portrait they can BRAG about.

Now, slap on some sunscreen because we’re going Behind the Egyptian.

What if I Don’t Like it?

When asked, “What do you do”, my response is always the same.

“You know how most people have Family Portrait’s that are BORINGLY similar? Well, I create Fun and Entertaining Portraits that are Uniquely Different, and my clients love their Portraits so much, they actually BRAG about them.”

family portrait of the campisi family in dallas texas by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

You see, I have built the Photillustrator brand on creating Uniquely Different Portraits that you will Brag about, which means I go to great measures to make sure your Family Portrait exceeds your expectations.

CLICK HERE if you want to see more on my Photillustrator Guarantee.

concept sketch of the campisi family portrait by portrait photographer jason ulsrud

At the end of the Discovery Session with the Campisi’s, I was asked, “What if I don’t like our portrait?”

Of course, this took me by surprise since I’ve never been asked that before, so my response was anything but effective. Now, having been through the process of creating their Amazing Portrait and given this question sufficient thought, my response would be a bit different.

Let me give this question another go…

David, “What if I don’t like the portrait you create for us?”

The Photillustrator (Me), “Listen, I’ve worked way too hard to create a brand of Uniquely Different Portraits you’d want to Brag about, so I guarantee you’ll Love your Family Portrait.”

The 90 Images Behind the Egyptian

When I get started with a Family Portrait, I never know exactly the amount of work it will require nor the number of images it will take, which means I always spend more time on a Family Portrait than I initially thought or quoted.

Don’t worry, regardless of how big your Portrait gets or how much time it ultimately takes me to create it, your Family Portrait Costs will not change.

For the Campisi’s Family Portrait, I knew I had to go above-and-beyond because David had already questioned my ability to make him happy, which meant their Portrait required a ton of details.

As I do with all my Portraits, I start with a few photos of the house and surrounding scene then build an Amazing Portrait from using numerous other photos.

composite photography breakdown of campisi family family portrait by dallas portrait photographer

1. House
2. Left Side Pool
3. Back of Pool
4. Right Side Pool
5. Pool Water
6. Pool Reflections
7. Pool Water
8. Underwater FX
9. House Interior
10. Right Umbrella
11. Dallas Building
12. Dallas Building
13. Dallas Building
14. Dallas Building
15. Background Tree
16. Background Tree
17. Pool Chairs
18. Background Tree
19. Flower
20. Egyptian Sign Pole
21. Egyptian Sign
22. Niki
23. Niki’s Neck
24. David
25. Mila
26. Mila’s Braid
27. Mila’s Swimsuit
28. Mila’s Leg
29. Mila’s Swimsuit
30. Mila’s Neck

31. Joe
32. Grass
33. Grass
34. Bruno
35. D Magazine
36. D Mag Corner
37. Campisi Sculpture
38. Sculpture Metal
39. Sculpture Pole
40. Flamingo Splashes
41. Nerf Gun
42. Nerf Gun Bubbles
43. Flamingo Bottom
44. Flamingo Splashes
45. Starwars Ball
46. Ball Bubbles
47. Snorkel
48. Snorkel Water FX
49. Starwars Fighter
50. Niki’s Rosary
51. David’s Rosary
52. Towels
53. Dream Catcher
54. Alcuin Sticker
55. Hot Tub Water
56. Hot Tub Steam
57. Left Umbrella
58. Chair
59. Pizza Boxes
60. Kid’s Campisi Cup

61. Campisi Cup
62. Spilled Tea
63. Tea
64. Pizza
65. Pizza Box Falling
66. Pizza Slice
67. Pizza Slice
68. Pizza Slice
69. Glasses
70. Flip Flops
71. Mila’s Blanket
72. Peppa Pig
73. Golf Clubs
74. Stuffed Animal
75. Champagne
76. Aspen Logo
77. Aspen Snowmass
78. Poster Frame
79. iPhone Screen
80. Cardinal
81. Squirrel
82. Southwest Plane
83. Jet Trails
84. Flying Birds
85. Swim Goggles
86. Peppa Pig
87. Scampy
88. Scampy’s Leg
89. Sky
90. Sky

A Look Behind the Egyptian

To give you a better idea of what went into creating the Campisi’s Family Portrait, here are some Before-and-Afters for comparison.

before and after of david campisi

before and after of niki campisi

before and after of mila

before and after of joe

That’s a Wrap

I know this Breakdown of the Campisi’s Family Portrait has focused a lot on how much computer time it required and how many images I used, but an Amazing Portrait is less about time and numbers of images and more about WHO is in the Portrait.

I’ve always said, “A Portrait is only as good as the people in the Portrait.”

What I mean is, having interesting characters in a Portrait is far more important than having everything technically great. The trick, however, is finding what’s interesting, pulling the expressions out of people, and then creating a SPECTACULAR work of art out of it all.

What do you think? Will the Campisi’s be BRAGGING about their Family Portrait?

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