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58 Photos Behind the Nightmare

Do you ever look at a photographer’s amazing Composite and wonder, “How in the world did they do that?”

No need to wonder here because today you’re getting the complete Breakdown of my latest Composite called “The Belvoir Nightmare”.

Unlike most photographers you’ll find ANYWHERE, I typically use no less than 50 photos to create my Composites, and this image today weighs in with a whopping 58 individual photos.

Now, hold on to your seats because this Nightmare is about to get real.

Why this Composite?

In full disclosure, this Composite was created for my new online course showing photographers how to create my Cartoony Characters.

composite photography of belvoir winery in liberty mo

As a Composite Photographer who makes 100% of my living from creating fun and entertaining Composited Portraits for private clients, I’m asked all the time about different things like how I do my extractions or how I create my Cartoony Characters.

Your questions are why I’m creating these Uniquely Different Tutorials.

The Belvoir Winery

Located near where my mom lives in Liberty, MO, the Belvoir Winery is one place we don’t miss when we’re in the Kansas City area.

In fact, we tease my mom about how she could stumble home it’s so close.

The winery, however, is super cool and has a sorted history of being a home for Children, a nursing home, a retirement home, and a hospital, and it’s thought to be haunted.

To photograph the winery for this Composite I had to stand super close and use the widest angle lens in my camera bag.

These are only a few of the many photos I used to piece together the scene for “The Belvoir Nightmare”.

A Nightmare in 58 Photos

Like most Photo Composites I create for my tutorials, this project was an evolving concept right down to the final details of adding the fog.

Truth be told, even my Creative Family Portraits evolve throughout the entire creative process.

Probably because of all the fun details in them.

breakdown of the belvoir winery photo composite by dallas photographer jason ulsrud

1. Niko
2. Niko’s Arm
3. Niko’s Foot
4. Niko’s Eyes
5. Niko’s Hair
6. Grandma (Dee)
7. Grandma’s Wine Glass
8. Spilling Wine
9. Sandy
10. Spilling Wine
11. Luka
12. EMF Detector
13. Cork #1
14. Cork #2
15. Cork #3
16. Cork #4
17. Cork #5
18. Right Statue
19. Left Statue
20. Winery #1

21. Winery #2
22. Winery #3
23. Winery #4
24. Winery #5
25. Winery #6
26. Winery #7
27. Winery #8
28. Winery #9
29. Winery #10
30. Winery #11
31. Winery #12
32. Winery #13
33. Winery #14
34. Winery #15
35. Winery #16
36. Winery #17
37. Winery #18
38. Winery #19
39. Ground #1
40. Ground #2

41. Sidewalk
42. Cloudy Sky #1
43. Cloudy Sky #2
44. Cloudy Sky #3
45. Lightning #1
46. Lightning #2
47. Background Trees #1
48. Background Trees #2
49. Background Trees #3
50. Background Trees #4
51. Background Trees #5
52. Right Tree
53. Left Tree
54. Tree Branch
55. Ghost #1
56. Ghost #2
57. Ghost #3
58. Ghost #4
59. Some Fog

Behind this Nightmarish Composite

So you can get a better idea of where this Composite started and the different Cartoony Characters involved, here are some Before-and-Afters.

Starting with the scene, which was Composited using many of the 58 photos.

before and after of composite photography of niko ulsrud

before and after of composite photography of dee ulsrud

composite photography before and after of sandy hudson

composite photography before and after of luka ulsrud

That’s a Wrap!

When I started this project I had NO IDEA what I would see when it was complete. In fact, my original idea didn’t even involve ghosts and was more light and fun.

This evolution, however, does make for a much more difficult creative process, but super fun too.

Now, what do you think of these Cartoony Characters? Leave a comment below and share your ideas.

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