How Being Fear-Less is Worth $10,000

Have you ever thought, “The quality of my work just isn’t good enough for me, so there’s no way I can sell it”?

Regardless of whether you’re starting a creative portrait business or you’ve been doing it while, as photographers and artists we are plagued with this FEAR that our work just isn’t good enough or that we’re not good enough.

By the time you’re finished reading this article, we’re going to cross that bridge of fear so you can get out there and sell your amazing work.

Now, let’s start off with a family portrait I sold for $10,000.

family portrait of the campisi family in dallas texas by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

You may be thinking this is unattainable, but I’m going to show you that it’s possible.

Some Compositing Background

I sort of lied to you when I said I sold one of my Composited portraits for $10,000. The truth is, I sold TWO Composited portraits for $10,000 each, all within 6 months of starting Photillustrator.

Here’s the second family portrait I did.

composite photography family portrait called pool party by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

To give you a sense of how significant this all really is, let me break down the timeline so you can see.

Yes, I’m Fearless

Fear’s a common BUZZWORD we use to justify NOT getting out of our comfort zone, and trying something new and unknown.

I don’t think we fear failure. I think we fear the unknown.

Not knowing is kinda scary, isn’t it?

As I traveled down the timeline of closing my Chiropractic office, to learning a new creative craft, to starting Photillustrator, and to selling a Composited family portrait for $10,000, I was scared shitless.

Did I make the right decision? Am I good enough? Can I make money in photography? Will my marriage survive? Will I end up homeless?

All very legitimate questions and all deep Fears.

My superhuman trait, however, is that I’m Fearless in the face of adversity and I love the challenge of building something from nothing.

Fearless doesn’t mean NO fear.

It means that I Fear Less!

Like so many people, I fear the unknown and the consequences of messing up. I just don’t Fear them enough to not try.

Are You Fearful?

Hopefully, you’re not, but most people live in the opposite mindset of being Full of Fear, which paralyzes them from ever taking action.

We all have our buckets of Fear.

The question is, does yours have Less Fear in it or is it Full of Fear and holding you back from experiencing your maximum potential.

That’s a Wrap

Everyone who’s ever experienced success has traveled through the valley of Fear and understands where you’re at. I do and I want to help you breakthrough.

QUICK TIP: Anytime I’m faced with a scary choice or situation I ask myself one question; “What’s the worst that could happen?”

The answer is almost always not as bad as the Fear that’s holding me back from doing it, so I rip open my button-down shirt to reveal my superhuman costume logo that says “Captain Fear-Less”.

Give me one thing you Fear the most about Composite Photography or starting a business in photography?

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