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How to Create more Believable Extractions in Photoshop

Want to create more believable extractions using Photoshop so your Composites turn out more convincing and realistic?

While it may seem like you’ll never be able to create cutouts or extractions as good as your favorite Photoshop masters, you can and it’s easier than you might think.

In this video, I’ll show you a super quick and easy way to create extractions that look as good or better than your favorite Photoshop gurus.

In just minutes you’ll be making extractions in Photoshop you once thought would be impossible.

2 Most Common Extraction Mistakes

When it comes to creating more believable extractions, there are two common mistakes that many photographers and Photoshop enthusiasts are making.

Selection too Sharp

photoshop extraction too sharp

Having an extraction or cutout that’s too sharp will result in a jagged pixelation of the edges that looks a lot like a saw blade.

Selection too Blurry

photoshop extraction too blurry

Having an extraction or cutout that’s too blurry will result in an image that looks out of focus leading the viewer to feel like they need correction lenses or glasses.

Understanding Light

Because light travels in waves, much like water, when it interacts with an object, it has a wrap around effect, which is why the feathering you choose for your selections is so important.

Too sharp of a feathering will lead to edges that appear to have no light wrapping around them and too blurry of a feathering will lead to edges that look like there’s an extreme amount of light wrapping around your subject.

When you apply just the right amount of feathering to your select, like the amount I use in this video, it results in masterful extractions as good as those of your favorite Photoshop Gods.

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