10 Best Composite Photographers of 2018

Who’s the BEST Composite Photographers on the planet in 2018? Those upping the ante and changing the way the game is played?

As a photographer who does Composites myself, I felt compelled to put together this list of the 10 Best Composite Photographers.

Of course, each photographer is very different, has their own style, and works within different photo industries, so it’s fair to say this list is in NO particular order.

Once you’ve looked over my list of Photographers, leave a comment at the bottom and let me know who you’d add to your list of Best Composite Photographers.

Best Composite Photographers

For the sake of not mistaking this list to be in some kind of order, I’m mixing up the numbers, which have no significance other than to indicate there are 10 on the list.

#5 Dave Hill

commercial and composite photographer dave hill

Dave Hill is a Commercial Photographer who’s known for not only his Compositing work but also his lifestyle photography. Dave made my list because his work is badass and is what inspired me to dive into Composite Photography. (Dave’s website)

#9 Erik Almas

commercial and composite photographer erik almas

Erik Almas is a Commercial Photographer who’s best known for the crispness in his work and simple compositions. Erik inspires me to always strive for the highest quality. (Erik’s website)

#3 Josh Rossi

commercial and composite photographer josh rossi

Josh Rossi is a Commercial Photographer who has a really fun style and is best known for his work on Full Time Photographer. Josh’s work inspired me to warp, or what I call “animate”, buildings within my Composites. (Josh’s website)

#7 Adrian Sommeling

composite photographer adrian sommeling

Adrian Sommeling is best known for the surreal Composites he does of and with his son. Teaching his fun style of Compositing, I have a true affinity for Adrian’s style. (Adrian’s website)

#4 John Wilhelm

John Wilhelm is another photographer who has become well known for the Composites he’s done of his two daughters. Super fun and creative, John’s work always inspires me to look for the humor in life. (John’s website)

#1 Erick Johannson

composite artist erick johannson

Erick Johannson is best known for his fine art Composite Photography and his unusual interpretation of the usual. Probably some of the cleanest Compositing work I’ve ever seen, Erick’s work is definitely a quality I admire. (Erick’s website)

#6 Tim Tadder

commercial and composite photographer tim tadder

Tim Tadder is a Commercial Photographer who is best known for his athletic-themed imagery. Never afraid to take on new challenges, Tim is a perfect example of how to grow within your craft of photography. (Tim’s website)

#8 Ben Shirk

Ben Shirk is the only retail Portrait Photographer on this list and is best known for his Composited senior portraits. Ben is a huge inspiration and I love how he’s pushing the boundaries of the traditional portrait market. (Ben’s website)

#10 Antti Karppinen

composite photographer antti karppinen

Antti Karppinen is an Editorial Portrait / Commercial Photographer best known for his cinematic interpretation and colors. Anytime I need a photographic boost or a little laugh, I’ll look Antti up on Facebook. (Antti’s website)

#2 Brandon Cawood

commercial and composite photographer brandon cawood

Brandon Cawood is a Commercial Photographer best known for his service provider series of Composites. Brandon is a perfect example of doing what you dig, keep doing it, and eventually, you’ll kick some ass doing it. (Brandon’s website)

That’s a Wrap

Of course, there are many other Composite Photographers out there creating amazing work and I hope to continue growing this list into 2019 and beyond.

The sole purpose of this list is to share the work of those Composite Photographers I admire and to hopefully inspire you to find your unique voice within this amazing photographic medium.

If you’re a Composite Photographer on this list and wish to not be featured in the 10 Best Composite Photographers of 2018, please Contact Me and let me know.

If there’s a Composite Photographer you feel deserves to be highlighted in my top 10, please leave a comment below with a link to their work.

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Love your choice of top Ten. I am still learning. Just thought I would add a link to the person whos work inspired me to learn https://www.instagram.com/adriandonoghue/?hl=en
Hopefully I will be confident enough to post some of my edits

Thanks so much for commenting and suggesting Adrian. I’ll take a look, and definitely post your work because that’s the BEST way to get better faster.

All these are so great, glad to see John Wilhelm on the list! He is definitely one of my favorites and was the first composite photographer who inspired me 🙂

That’s awesome! And YES, John Wilhelm is pretty great and has inspired me with his work as well.

I have just begun editing my first composite today, although the idea has been with me for quite a while. There are a few on your list I will definitely check out 🙂
I have been loving Brooke Shaden’s work recently…

Awesome… She’s definitely one I’ll try getting on our Make Awesome Pictures podcast. Thanks so much!

I think Vanessa Rivera should be added to any top list. I love her concept art and the way she composes is amazing.

I agree. Her work is super nice. Thanks for sharing.

Hi, great photographers,

here is something from Austria

stay safe and healthy 🙂

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