Tired of Getting Boring Family Photos?

Are you tired of getting the same old boring family photos done every few years, all lined up, wearing those matching outfits, and smiling for the camera?

If so, then you’ve got to check out what the Katz family did for their recent family portrait.

Like so many people who contact me for a family portrait, the Katz family were looking for something DIFFERENT and a portrait that would make them smile.

“Our family isn’t boring,” Jeanne said, “we’re wild, loving, and busy, and I want our family portrait to show that.”

So, with a little bit of Photillustrator magic, this is how it came together.

Grand Slammed Family Portrait

During the Katz’s BIG Reveal, one of their guests came up to me and asked, “How did you come up with the name Grand Slammed?”

Looking at their portrait, I think the answer is obvious.

family portrait of marc and jeanne katz done with composite photography

We have a simple and fun 4 Step Process each family portrait we create goes through, starting with the Discovery Session where we literally discover who you are, each of your personalities, and what you’d like to see in your family portrait.

From there, we give you 100% control over your portrait, giving you the chance to make changes or to approve your portrait concept based on a concept sketch we’ve done of your portrait.

concept sketch for family portrait composite of katz family

Following the approval of your family portrait sketch, we get to work on the Creative Session that includes all the photography we need and the digital artwork necessary to bring your portrait to life.

Lastly, but certainly not least, you will see and experience your amazing family portrait for the very first time with all your friends and family at your BIG Reveal, which is way more fun than you could ever imagine.

Breaking Down Grand Slammed

One of the coolest things about Creative Family Portraits like the one we did for the Katz family, is seeing how you can take many seemingly unrelated photos and piece them together in such a way their portrait comes to life.

To create the Katz family portrait, we used a total of 37 different photos, that we took, to memorialize this moment of their lives.

the breakdown of the katz family portrait by photillustrator

1. Jaymus
2. Jaymus’ Head
3. Marc
4. Jeanne
5. Kitchen #1
6. Kitchen #2
7. Floor #1
8. Floor #2
9. Paper Flying #1
10. Paper Flying #2
11. Paper Flying #3
12. Paper Flying #4

14. Paper Flying #5
15. Flying Baseball
16. Orange Juice
17. Bananas
18. Scooter
19. Guitar
20. Bubble Gum
21. Blocks
22. Stuffed Animal #1
23. Stuffed Animal #2
24. Ball Bat
25. Blanket

26. Pinata
27. Candy
28. Engagement Photo
29. Water
30. Ball Cap
31. Wine Bottle
32. UT Logo
33. Italy
34. Logo
35. Cactus
36. Logo
37. Alcuin Logo

A Peek Behind the Scenes

I have to admit that as the artist, and after doing several of these portraits, I’m still blown away when seeing the transformation from the Before image to the After artwork.

So, I’d like to share some of the Before and Afters of the Katz family portrait and we can be amazed together. LOL

You know, a kitchen is just a kitchen until you add the people who bring that kitchen to life with love, laughter, and happiness.

jeanne katz before and after photos

marc katz before and after photos

jaymus before and after photos

That’s a Wrap

The Katz family was so much fun to work with and together we were able to transform their family portraits from boring and meaningless to a family portrait that truly represents their family and life.

Every family has a story waiting to be told and the question is…

Do you have a boring traditional portrait type of family or do you have a crazy and fun family you’d like to capture in a Different way?

Now, as they say in the movies, “That’s a Wrap”

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