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johnny wimbrey family portrait displayed by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

Can I Hang my Family Portrait over my Stone Fireplace?

Being a Dallas Portrait Photographer who specializes in creating One-of-a-Kind Family Portraits, one of the first things you must consider is where you’re going to display your Portrait Masterpiece.

So, today I’m going to answer the frequently asked question, “Can I hang my Family Portrait over my stone fireplace?”

Where you choose to display your Photillustration may determine not only the size of your portrait, but also the style and theme we will be using, not to mention the finishing of your portrait.

Now, let’s hang your Photillustration.

The Simple Answer

The simple answer to your question, “Can I hang my Family Portrait over my stone fireplace”, is YES.

Your Photillustration can be displayed anywhere you wish.

And, YES, I mean anywhere.

I was recently commissioned to create the Family Portrait for the Wimbrey’s called, “Say Increase”, and they wanted it to be featured over their fireplace.

johnny wimbrey family portrait displayed by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrudI have to admit, I had never mounted one of my Portraits on a stone wall, but I believe your Amazing Family Portrait should be the center of attention.

So, without hesitation I said, “That’s perfect! I can do that for you!”

When you invest in one of my Photillustrations, you’re investing in a Family Masterpiece from an artist who will do everything possible to make this the BEST Family Portrait you will ever have created.

Solving the Stone Wall Problem

Having many years of experience mounting artwork on walls, and being a bit OCD with levelness, there were several problems to overcome with this display.

First, I had never mounted a Portrait on a stone wall.

While I knew all I had to do was drill a couple of holes in the stone and insert the anchors, the second problem was the family didn’t want holes drilled directly into the stone.

Being one problem more than I was comfortable with, I enlisted my good friend Wes, who has vast construction experience.

I had the will, and he was my way.

wes currier measuring wall to mount dallas portrait photogrpahers family portrait

Understanding the situation, Wes began by measuring the Family Photillustration to be displayed so he could determine where on the wall the mounts would need to be placed.

wes currier finding mounting points for dallas portrait photographers family portrait

Fortunately, Wes was able to find mounting points within the grout that allowed the Portrait to be centered and positioned perfectly.

wes currier drilling holes for dallas portrait photographers family portrait

Using his special stone drill, Wes then drilled holes into the grouted areas, and inserted anchors and screws.

wes currier remeasuring mounting points for dallas portrait photographers family portrait

After me questioning his decision making, Wes remeasured his measurements before mounting the Portrait onto the stone fireplace.

a closer look at the mounted family portrait by dallas portrait photographer

Having a good carpenter as a friend is the key to overcoming mounting obstacles, and makes it possible to display your Family Portrait anywhere your heart desires.

That’s a Wrap

With the right problem solving skills, I believe anything’s possible, which is the same attitude I bring throughout the Photillustrator Process.

So, not only can you have your Family Portrait mounted on a stone fireplace, you can have it displayed anywhere in your home you desire.

No problem is too big for the Photillustrator.

If you have a question on mounting and displaying your Family Portrait, leave a comment below, or shoot me a quick email at jason @

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