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Capturing Life with a Creative Family Portrait

Freeze this Moment and NEVER Forget

Take a look around you right now. Take in your home, your beautiful husband or wife, your amazing kids, your lovable hound, and your grumpy old cat.

Take it all in and remember this because it’ll never be like this again.


Your home will change or go through some updates, your beautiful spouse will still be beautiful be like you, older, your kids will grow up, your lovable hound will start turning gray, and a sweet new kitten will have taken the place of Mr. grumpy old cat.

Time moves FAST and change is inevitable, which is why you need to capture this precious moment of your life, right now.

Capturing Your Wonderful Personalities

The best thing about being a Creative Portrait Photographer and having my 17-year-old twin boys is having the ability to capture their fun personalities through the different stages of their lives.

From little boys to grown men, I have seen firsthand how much your kids change.

Physically, sure, but the biggest changes have been in their personalities.

creative family portrait composite photography style

Understanding how FAST life can move, the Kay’s commissioned me to create a family portrait that captured each of their unique family roles.

William, full of energy and antagonizing his sister who lives reading, while dad is caught in the middle and mom’s just trying to hold it all together.

Each unique personality comes to life in this Creative Family Portrait.

How it All Comes Together

Now, you might be thinking that’d be impossible to capture YOUR crazy family personalities all in one picture like this and you’d be right.

That’s why I’ve developed a method of photographing everyone separately, including your lovable pooch, and with the magic of many hours of digital artwork, I composite everything together into one amazingly realistic family portrait.

Here’s an example of what the house looked like before and after my digital artwork.

Working with many different photos I’ve taken during our Photo Sessions, in the case of Kay’s family portrait, I used 22 different photos pieced together for their uniquely different portrait.

photography breakdown of the kay family creative portrait

From the mud on the door leading into the garage to the lemonade tipping off of mom’s tray, each photo was taken specifically for their portrait.

Behind the Photography

Once we’ve brainstormed ideas for your family portrait story during the Discovery Session and you’ve approved your family portrait concept at the Approval Session, it’s time to get started with the creative part of the process, which is the photography.

The photography, however, is just the canvas and many, many hours of digital artwork will be necessary to bring your family to life.

david creative family portrait before and after
kay family portrait photography
family portrait photography of lily
creative portrait photography of william
dog photography of tipper

Schedule Your Portrait

Traditional portraits are great for capturing a likeness and to remember how you looked, but fall very short of being able to capture WHO you really are.

Fun, energetic, crazy, antagonizing, beautiful, in control, or just downright funny, my Creative Family Portrait will be a snapshot of this moment in your family history.

To book your Creative Family Portrait, simply call me at (214)945-3226 or email me at Photillustrator @ and let’s get you on the schedule before it fills up.

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