Creating Caricatures in Photoshop

I recently posted an article taking you “Behind my Texas Dreams Composite”, and one of the most common requests I received was…

How do you create the Big Heads using Photoshop?

To be honest with you, when I first saw the “Big Head” thing, I hated it and swore I would NEVER do that look in my photography, but clearly, that didn’t happen.

Just between you and me, “I probably enlarge the heads using photoshop about 85% of the time in all my photography.”

Now, there is a time and place for this type of Photo Manipulation using Photoshop, but when you enlarge the heads only about 15%, and it’s blended right, the average person can never tell it was even done.

For the type of photography I have chosen to specialize in, this Photoshop technique works amazingly well.

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