How We Made it Snow on a 70 Degree Day?

How do you bring each element of a portrait together in a way that portrays the personality of a family, and makes it look like it’s snowing?

Finding a portrait that’s different and that brings your personality to life can be challenging.

Sure, it’s easy, and typical, for a photographer to plop a camera down on a tripod, line everybody up, and snap a nice photo but it’s an entirely different thing to find a portrait photographer who can bring your family to life.

creative christmas card of childs family in dallas texas

I create Norman Rockwell-inspired photographs, or illustrations, of the American family.

Photo Inspiration

Where does the inspiration for such a unique family photo come from?

Every great work of art starts with an inspiration and with Mandy and her family, which meant I needed to sit down with them to find out what they were looking for.

In essence, I let them tell me their family’s story.

Once I understood the scene for the Child’s holiday card would be set in front of their house, I went out to snap a couple of pictures with my iPhone.

picture of rich and mandy childs dallas texas home
picture of the scene for childs creative holiday card

While scouting their portrait location, I was able to envision their portrait and recommend a scene that would be around their front door.


Ok, how do you capture all this stuff happening in a picture?

Well, I don’t because it actually takes several pictures I composite together to create one uniquely different portrait.

photographing the childs scene for their creative christmas card portrait

Starting with the photography of the scene, this became the background for the family’s portrait.

After all the artwork of the scene was finished, I got together with the family and photographed each of them in their appropriate locations.

rich and mandy childs being photographed for their creative holiday card portrait
photographing the childs dog for their creative christmas card portrait

Each character is then carefully extracted from their photo to be placed in the scene with artwork to make it look like they were actually photographed originally.

However, we know they weren’t.

The Snow Effect

How in the world did you make it look like it was snowing and icy on a 70 degree Texas day?

Lots of Photoshop artwork.

before and after picture of photoshop snow effect

Because Mandy wanted her holiday portrait to look a little more “holiday-e” than living in Texas, I had to figure out a way to create a snow and ice effect.

Thanks to Photoshop overlays and a lot of illustration, I was able to turn a really nice 70 degree Texas day into a cold winter evening.

What do you think? Did I pull it off?

Your Next Holiday Portrait

Ok, where do you go if you want a family portrait that’s different and you can actually use it on a holiday card?

CLICK HERE to book a portrait session.

I have a wide range of portrait products from a classic style of portrait all the way up to crazy creative portraits that’ll fit your personal style and budget.

If you’re looking for a uniquely different portrait, give me a call at (214) 945-3226 or email me a [email protected].

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