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Bursting Out In Laughter with the Childs’ Family

When was the last time you had a family portrait made where your entire family couldn’t wait to see how it turned out? A family portrait so different you knew it would make you smile for years to come?

I think little AJ said it best when he said, “Every day when I come down here and see this picture, I’m going to burst out in laughter!”

Family portraits don’t have to be boring, they don’t have to be something everyone dreads getting all dressed up for, and they certainly don’t have to be like your grandparent’s family portraits.

Your family portrait can be fun, entertaining, and different.

Your Portrait Sketch

You’re probably used to meeting with your family portrait photographer and deciding on what background you’d like to have, what barn you’d like to have your portraits up against, and what clothes everyone should be wearing so they look weirdly similar.

We do things a bit differently here at Photillustrator.

concept sketch for childs family portrait by photillustrator

Instead of backgrounds, clothes, and posing, we talk about things like your family’s story, your personalities, and what fun scene you’d like to see in your family portrait.

Then we create a Concept Sketch, much like a story-board used in the movies.

Once we make any changes you’d like to see to your portrait and you give the concept sketch approval, we then move on to the photography phase where within 2 to 3 Photo Sessions we capture all the images we’ll need to create your uniquely different family portrait.

A Different Family Portrait Experience

Once the photography and artwork have been completed, your family portrait then goes in for custom printing and framing where we pay meticulous attention to the smallest of details.

rich and mandy childs family portrait by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

In fact, the one thing our clients love most about their uniquely different family portraits is how much personal detail we add to make your portrait truly yours.

There will NEVER be another family portrait EVER like yours.

Of course, I could go on about how Awesome your family portrait will be, but I think the proof is in the video.

That’s the BIG Reveal video you’ll get like the one above.

Can you think of a better way to celebrate all your hard work and your amazing family?

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