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What are Classically Different Senior Portraits?

Classic is Always Current

Are you looking for something different when it comes to your senior portraits this year?

Senior portraits have come a long way since the day of sitting on a hay bail in your baseball jersey or posing next to a ladder.

Thanks so Photoshop, anything’s possible.

Composited pictures of seniors flying through the air to catch a ball or standing in a stadium with thousands of fans have become the NORM for senior portraits these days.

Different is just the same old, same old.

The Classic Senior Portrait

One of my favorite photographers, Marc Hauser, puts it best…

“What is classic is always current, but what is current isn’t always classic.”

classic senior portrait of hensley jones in red top

Having created hundreds of crazy family portraits, I have become a master at Photoshop and other digital artwork programs, and I can create just about any kind of senior portrait you can think of.


In a world where everything is so contrived and digital, the new “DIFFERENT” is the Old Classic.

Classically Simple Senior Portraits

Now, if you want to be just like everyone else and get that same composited photo flying through the air catching a flaming ball, I say go for it.

I don’t know, maybe it’ll be different than everyone else’s.

If, however, you want to really have senior portraits that are different this year, think “Classic”.

hensley jones in gold dress for senior portrait in 2021

From sporting your favorite T to wearing something more formal to your favorite sport, you’ll NEVER look back at your Classically Different Senior Portraits and think, “Really?”

Oh, That’s So 2021!

What if in 5 years or 10 years when you look back at your senior portraits from this year, you aren’t embarrassed?

I promise you’ll NEVER look back at your senior portrait and say, “Oh, that’s so 2021!”

Remember, classic is always in style.

closeup of hensley jones for senior portrait in 2021

Unlike those senior portraits on the hay, against a brick wall, on the railroad tracks, or photoshopped sports portraits, your classic senior portrait will NEVER go out of style.

How to Schedule a Senior Portrait Session

So, are you ready to do something different and to get senior portraits you won’t ever regret?

If so, all you have to do to schedule a senior portrait session is to call me at (214) 945-3226 or email me at [email protected].

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