composite photographer amr el saadany

Composite Photographer Amr El Saadany

As a Dallas Portrait Photographer, and one who specializes in Composite Photography, I’m always on the look out for Inspiring Photographers.

And today, I found one in Composite Photographer Amr El Saadany.

As my Photillustrator Style of Compositing continues to grow and my technical prowess continues to improve, finding inspiration can sometimes be my biggest struggle.

Thankfully, there are a lot of great Imaginations at work out there, which continue to Inspire and Challenge me everyday.

Now, let’s put down our Wacom Tablet pens for a sec, and get Inspired.

Photographer Amr El Saadany

Before we crack open the portfolio of Amr El Saadany, let’s get to know him a little better, and if you’re looking to be Inspired, I encourage you to connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.

Or, check out his website at

composite photographer amr el saadany  Amr is an Advertising and Commercial Photographer based in Cairo, Egypt, with a specialty in Conceptual Advertising, Automotive, Hospitality & Tourism, and Food Photography.

I always say, “A Photo is only as good as the subject.”

Amr is a Father and considers himself to be a Lighting Expert with a talent of putting photographs together to create Epic Composites, and he says he’s “Inspired by everything a brain could imagine, and driven by creative challenging ideas”.

I know awesomeness can be found everywhere in the world, but how cool would it be to work in Cairo, Egypt?

Amr’s Inspiring Composites

While Amr El Saadany has his camera in many things from Composite Photography to Food Photography, great in all respects, for this article, I’m only going to focus on a few of his Composites.

cereal killer by composite photographer amr el saadany

This Composite, called “Cereal Killer”, is what caught my eye as I searched Google for “Composite Photography”.

I love his use of Depth-of-Field in this Composite.

The ONE thing I love about Composite Photography and using Photoshop, is how images can be brought to life through creating depth, both in DOF and in shadows.

paper boat fisherman by composite photographer amr el saadany

The Composite, “Paper Boat Fisherman”, is so fun and well executed from a technical perspective.

Composite Photography is about creating new worlds.

I believe Compositing is about Capturing the Imagination, and like Amr says, “being Inspired by what the brain could Imagine.”

eddie hall pulling a tank by composite photographer amr el saadany

Lastly, the Composite, “Eddie Hall pulling a Tank”, is a great example of challenging the Imagination, and technical abilities.

With Composite Photography, the only Limitation you have, is your own Imagination.

Additionally, as you look through Amr’s Composite Portfolio, pay attention to how he uses light flares through many of his Composites.

It’s pretty cool, and helps bring the elements of the Composite together as one.

That’s a Wrap

While writing this post, and studying Amr’s work, I found several small things I’d like to either try or implement within my Photillustrations, which is why I’m sharing this amazing Photographer with you.

Your take away for today is, Challenge both your technical Compositing skills, and your Imagination.

Also, don’t forget to connect with Amr El Saadany on Twitter or Facebook, and check out his portfolio at

Have a Composite Photographer who Inspires you? Leave a comment below and share who it is.

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