composite photographer antti karppinen

Composite Photographer Antti Karppinen

If taking your Composite Photography skills to the next level is what you’re looking for, the best and fastest way is to follow the Photographers you admire the most.

That’s why today, I’m sharing the work of Composite Photographer Antti Karppinen.

I’m frequently asked how to get started in the world of Composite Photography, and the best advice I always start off with, is start following those Photographers who inspire you.

Of course there’s a lot more that goes into becoming great at Compositing, but connecting with Photographers who are on their “A” Game, gives you the opportunity to see what’s possible.

Now, enough with Composite Photography 101, let’s take a look at a real Composite Artist.

Photographer Antti Karppinen

As always, I want to start of my profile of Antti Karppinen by giving you the best ways you can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, check out Antti’s website at

[responsive]composite photographer antti karppinen[/responsive]I really resonate with Antti Karppinen as a fellow Composite Photographer because we both are passionate about creating images with “Unlimited Imagination”.

I frequently tell my clients, “The only limitation we have, is your own imagination, so if you can think it, I can create it.”

Antti is a Digital Artist, Photographer, and Retoucher who is from Finland, and along with being voted Portrait Photographer of Finland in 2013, he is an Internationally Awarded Commercial Photographer.

Also, a father and husband, what I love most about Antti is his Mission of building a visual experience, which tells the story of you, your product, your service, or your company, but in a globally understandable way.

All-in-all, this dude’s a Rock Star in the Composite Photography world!!!

Antti’s Inspiring Composites

Like Amr El Saadany, Antti Karppinen creates images far beyond the full scale Composite Photography we come to think of, but this is about Antti’s Composites, so let’s take a look.

composite photography of boy on beach by antti karppinen

The Composite called “The Gower Beach, Whales” is such a cool image and yet so very simple.

I love how throwing elements out of perspective can really enhance some Composites.

Sometimes seeing the world from a slightly different angle can make a huge impact on your imagination.

composite photography of scientist by antti karppinen

This “SCI:ence” Composite is one of my favorites, not only because of how damn good the compositing is, but also because of the colors used.

I use the color wheel on every image and Composite I create.

In my opinion, using colors to enhance your Composite is what separates a Great Composite from an Average Composite.

composite photography of musician by antti karppinen

This Composite of a Musician really inspires me to look at the world differently.

By turning the building image sideways, Antti was able to create a completely unique and surreal scene.

I have to admit that I didn’t notice the image was sideways until after seeing a couple of times.

How cool is that?

That’s a Wrap

After taking a close, hard look at Antti’s work, I’ve realized I can work even harder at my Compositing skills, and most importantly, I can work on looking at the world differently.

Your take away for today is, Challenge yourself to look at things differently, and to see things in a different way.

Also, don’t forget to connect with Antti Karppinen on Twitter and Facebook, and check out his portfolio at

Who Inspires You? Leave a comment below and share a Composite Photographer who has inspired you.

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