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A Look at Composite Photographer Clinton Lofthouse

As one who likes to claim to specialize in Composite Photography, it’s important to stay on top of who’s out there doing great work.

That’s why today, I’m going to be diving into the work of Composite Photographer, Clinton Lofthouse.

Clearly, there’s a night and day difference between a Clinton Lofthouse Composite, and a Composite created here at Photillustrator, but that’s what makes Composite Photography and Art so damn awesome.

If your goal is to create a unique Compositing Style, different from others, I encourage you to be inspired by Clinton’s work, rather than simply trying to copy it.

Now, put your Wacom pen down for a bit, and let’s take a look at Clinton Lofthouse.

Photographer Clinton Lofthouse

To make connecting with Clinton a little easier, I encourage you to “Like”, “Follow”, or whatever it is you do on Facebook, YouTube, and my personal favorite, Instagram.

uk photographer clinton lofthouseYou can also check out Clinton’s website at

Hailing from West Yorkshire, Photographer, Retoucher, and Digital Artist, Clinton Lofthouse, specializes (or specialises if you’re from the UK) commercial portraits, composite images, and creative retouching.

In other words, this dude’s a beast!

Born in the 80’s, when I was head banging to the likes of Motley Crue and Metallica, Clinton is influenced by cinema, comic books, and dark art.

Which you can definitely see throughout his work.

Clinton believes, “Every image should be an adventure, a story told or to tell.”

Clinton also provides great tutorials and is a frequent contributor to the website DIY Photography, my newest favorite right now.

You’d be a fool not to check out this amazing Visual Artist.

Clinton’s Inspiring Composites

I discovered Clinton Lofthouse via an amazing Portrait Photographer, also from the UK, by the name of Joseph Parry, who you should definitely take a look at. 

I could go on about Joseph’s portraits, but this is about Composites and how Clinton Lofthouse, so let’s take a look.

composite photography of witch doctor by uk photographer clinton lofthouse

Clinton’s “Witch Doctor” Composite is so cool, and is dripping with that cinematic look I’ve come to know his work having.

I dig his cinematic look so much, I’ve started incorporating it into some of my Composite Photography work.

I learned how to create this Colour Grading effect through a video by Joseph Parry, who in one of his video’s mentioned how much he had learned from Clinton Lofthouse.

composite photography of shelly diferno by uk photographer clinton lofthouse

Pulling a page out of the comics, “Shelly Dinferno” also drips with Clinton’s gritty, comic book, cinematic vibe.

I see this kind of Compositing work and wish I could have that “Gritty Style”.

dark man portrait by uk photographer clinton lofthouse

I’m not sure how much Compositing this portrait of “Dark Man” incorporates, but it’s damn cool regardless.

I know the smoke from the dude’s cigarette is added, so that makes it a Composite enough for me.

The thing I can say about Clinton Lofthouse’s work, is I love his use of complimentary colors (or “colours” if you’re from the UK).

If you’re looking to become a master at Composite Photography, I believe understanding how to use colors is an essential skill to develop.

That’s a Wrap

The skill level of Composite Photographers like Clinton Lofthouse is mind blowing, and is the reason I work hard every day to improve my skill level.

I challenge you to find one take away from Clinton’s style of Compositing, and see what you can do with it.

Also, don’t forget to connect with Clinton on  Facebook,  YouTube, and  Instagram, and definitely check out his galleries at

What’s the one thing you LOVE about Clinton Lofthouse’s Compositing work, and how can you use it in your own style?

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