the magical world of composite photographer robert cornelius

The Magical World of Composite Photographer, Robert Cornelius

Few Composite Photographers have impacted me as much as Robert Cornelius, and have pushed my Composite Photography skills as far.

That’s why today we’re taking a look at the Magical World of Composite Photographer, Robert Cornelius.

In my opinion, the world of Composite Photography is a lonely world, with very few Photographers having the Photoshop skills necessary to inspire me to become ever better.

That’s why I love looking at awesome Composite Photographers like Clinton Lofthouse, Antti Karppinen, and now Robert Cornelius.

So, take a quick break from your Compositing machine and let’s look at some awesome images.

Photographer Robert Cornelius

To make it super easy to connect with Robert Cornelius, and be inspired by his amazing work, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Also, check out more amazing images at

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Photographer and Creator of Moments, Robert Cornelius specializes in Composite Photography.

Robert believes, like myself, that he’s nothing without his magical Photoshop powers.

While Robert obviously does Photo Shoots, he also offers his mad skills for training other Photographers to better their Compositing prowess.

Also, in case you were wondering, Robert does enjoy being active, long walks on a moonlit beach, sings in the shower, and is married to the prettiest, smartest, and most fun girl in the world, which is weird because so am I.

I should ask my wife if she knows Robert. HA!

Robert’s Inspiring Composite Work

At first glance of his work and my work, you may wonder how Robert has impacted me as much as he has.

Short answer… He has inspired me to be better craftsman.

composite of sea horse by composite photographer robert cornelius

I loved the lighting in this Composite, and was inspired by how the sea horse cast the light onto the woman’s face.

This Composite alone, along with wanting to try my hand at ghosts, inspired me to create my “Welcome” Photillustration.

Put these two images together, and I’d be surprised if you could see any similarities, but that’s the key to “Inspiration”.

robert cornelius composite 2

Hands down, this is my favorite image of Robert’s and I love the simplicity and emotion throughout.

There’s a true art to simplification.

Robert’s amazing use of composition and light to bring the viewers attention to a specific spot is unreal.

So few people possess that artistic ability.

fairy tale composite by photographer robert cornelius

This Composite reminds me a lot of a Photillustrator Portrait I made called “The Fairy Tale” where animals were coming out of the forest to be a part of the story.

Having done something similar, I know how much work goes into this type of image.

That said, I love Robert’s interpretation and execution of this story, and once again makes me want to continue improving my Compositing skills.

Note: There’s a big difference between Inspiration and Duplication.

That’s a Wrap

You may think I write these Photographer Profile articles for you, but I don’t.

Writing these articles and looking over the portfolio’s of awesome Photographers like Robert Cornelius keeps me wanting to be better at my craft, and challenges me to create more complex Composites.

I hope you’re as passionate about Composite Photography as I am, and equally as passionate about improving your skills.

Now, go connect with Robert on Facebook and Instagram, and check out more of Robert’s work at

Who Inspires you? Leave a comment below and share a link to the Photographer who inspires you to be better.

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I just came across this now… WOW THANK YOU!! I’m so very pleased to be such an inspiration! This little article really brightened my day. Seriously thank you so much Jason!!! 😀

Of course, Robert… and you keep up the AWESOME work buddy.

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