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How Will You Remember this Halloween?

If you have kids over the age of 10 I don’t have to tell you how fast they grow up.

One minute they’re dressing up as pirates and space rockets and before you know it, they couldn’t care less about Halloween.

“I’ll just buy my own bag of candy”, they tell ya.

That’s why it’s so important to capture all these moments when you have the chance because they won’t be so dang cute forever.

With 17-year-old twin boys, I know this first hand.

Now, fortunately, I’m a composite photographer, which means I can create any world I want as you can see here in these creative portraits.

creative portrait composite of luka and niko ulsrud trick or treating with turner canon on halloween
cute portrait composite of turner and tymber canon trick or treating on halloween

Of course, I’m commissioned all the time to create portraits for Christmas, birthdays, and holidays like Halloween, which I’d love to do for you too, but I also have more contemporary style portraits you may like also.

Contemporary Halloween Portraits

So, the crazy creative Halloween portraits may be too much for you or out of your budget, which is why I also create more contemporary style portraits like these.

childrens portrait of tymber canon

BTW, Tymber is JoJo Siwa and if you know who that is, I’m sorry.

tymber canon dressed as jojo siwa for halloween
portrait of tymber canon for halloween

As you can see here, the more contemporary style portraits are a great way to memorialize your child’s crazy Halloween costumes as well as being a piece of art.

turner canon portrait dressed as pennywise for halloween
turner canon dressed as pennywise for halloween

So, whether your child chooses to be something innocent and sweet for Halloween or scary like Pennywise, these portraits are a great way to capture these fleeting moments.

Oh, just between you and me…

Jojo Siwa is much scarier than Pennywise.

Check Jojo out on YouTube and prove me wrong!

Ok, you can easily book a portrait session with me by calling (214) 945-3226 or emailing me at [email protected].

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