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Do you struggle to create more realistic and convincing Shadows and wish you knew how to easily Make Awesome Shadows?

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Now, the reason I put this group together on Patreon, is because the most common question I get about my Family Portrait Composites is about the Shadows.

“How do your Shadows look so good?”, I’m asked.

Crazy Horse Picture

A while back I was commissioned to create a fun family portrait for a family who wanted their daughter, who rides horses, riding her horse through the scene of their backyard, which is why I dubbed it the “Crazy Horse Picture”.

This was a super complex family portrait to create but one of the biggest reasons it turned out so dang good is because of the Shadows.

Check out the scene Before Shadows and After Shadows.

As you can see, adding awesome Shadows to your Composites not only gives them a 3 Dimensional quality, but also brings them to life.

I just love seeing my Composites come to life.

Breaking Down the Crazy Horse

So you have a better idea of went into creating this Crazy Horse Picture, here’s a breakdown of all the photos I used to create it.

Keep in mind, however, the more photos you use in your Composites will make the Shadows more complex, making it more important to Master your Shadows.

breakdown of jason ulsrud composite photography of family in dallas backyard

1. Mom & Dad
2. Horse Girl
3. Volleyball Girl
4. Volleyball Girl Arm
5. Grandma #1
6. Grandma #2
7. Dog #1
8. Dog #2
9. House #1
10. House #2
11. Pool #1

12. Pool #2
13. Waterfall
14. Grass Area #1
15. Grass Area #2
16. Tree #1
17. Tree #2
18. Tree #3
19. Sky
20. Birds #1
21. Birds #2
22. Plane

23. Treeline
24. Big Tree
25. Volleyball
26. Pizza on TV
27. Logo on Volleyball
28. Apple Logo
29. iPhone
30. Happy Face
31. Logo on Knee Pad
32. Logo on Dad’s Shorts
33. Logo on Helmet
34. State Flower

Characters in the RAW

Composite Photography is about transforming what’s in our head and bringing it to life in an Awesome Picture.

So you can see that transformation a little easier, here’s some Behind-the-Scenes footage.

As you can see above, transforming a simple backyard into an incredibly fun scene is what Compositing is all about.

Learn more about Shadows

Ok, you want to create more realistic and convincing Shadows and you want it to be quicker and easier than what you’re doing now.


If the answer is YES, then CLICK HERE to join the Creative Portrait on Patreon where I’ll show you how to make great shadows and much more about creating portraits.

If you have any questions, please Contact Me and I’ll do my best to answer and help you out.

Now, in the comments below, what’s the biggest problem you’re having with Shadows?

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