Creating Epic Motorcycle Portraits

Stand Out and Be Different with Motorcycle Portraits

How do you take a bland photo of a motorcycle and bring it to life in a uniquely different way?

Yes, you could just slap a hot-looking girl in a bikini on top of the motorcycle but nobody would even notice the bike and it’s really not very different. After all, the industry is full of hot girls on bikes making it super hard to stand out.

So, let’s do something different.

Legendary chopper builder, Rick Fairless of Strokers Dallas, commissioned me to capture his amazing art in a way that’s different than the typical motorcycle pictures we’re all used to, and when you create a bike as amazing as his, they should be the main feature.

custom motorcycle build by rick fairless

Snapping a few cool photos, however, won’t do the job, so instead I photographed the bike on a cloudy day to give me flat lighting and cut down on the highlights, then I let Photoshop to all the heavy lifting.

Like all my photography work, I composited 3 different images together to enhance the feel and composition of the portrait.

breakdown of rick fairless motorcycle portrait

You may be thinking, “Couldn’t you just have done this all in camera?”

Maybe some of it but you definitely couldn’t have brought it to life like this.

Just look at the details…

close up of back wheel of rick fairless custom bike build

close up of handle bars of rick fairless custom bike build

close up of engine of rick fairless custom bike build

close up of rick fairless custom bike build

No fancy lighting and no hot girls are needed when your work is uniquely different, which is why I’ve started Patreon where I can show you how I create my uniquely different pictures.

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