A Creative Christmas Card that’s Different for 2019

What better way to celebrate your family and all your unique personalities than with a Christmas card that’s different.

While most people will be sending out the standard Christmas card stuffed with the standard picture of their family, I chose to celebrate my awesome family with a Christmas card that’s fun and different.

A Christmas card you can’t get anywhere else in the world than right here at Photillustrator.

creative holiday cards and christmas cards by photillustrator

the back of photillustrator's christmas card for 2019

The reason my Creative Christmas cards are so different is that I don’t just settle for taking your picture to slap on a generic card. I work with you to tell a fun and entertaining story of your family, which is created using many different photos.

Here’s a before and after of the scene to help you see what I’m talking about.

What kind of story could you tell using this crooked Christmas tree scene?

The reason most family portraits and Christmas cards are boring is because; 1) they’re not very fun, and 2) they don’t tell a story about your family.

You know what I’m talking about?

The Christmas card you get with a boring family portrait of everyone lined up and smiling for the camera along with a boring writeup about their family, which you never really read, right?

Here’s a breakdown of the 26 different photos I used to create our crazy Christmas card this year.

My family portraits and Christmas cards bring your family to life in a fun and entertaining way that your friends and family will love.

Here’s some of the before photos of my family so you can get an idea of how I make these crazy pictures.

As much fun as our Christmas card is this year, we had even more fun shopping for all our Christmas sweaters and doing the photography.

Now, if you’d rather create a family portrait and Christmas card that’s different instead of doing the same old boring thing as everyone else, then Contact Us and I’d be happy to help.

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Another Home Run! Killer Idea and execution.

P.S. Still enjoying (immensely) The Wildlife Photographer. Just cut out the Blue Heron, Watching “Gross Bird Shaping. I will send you a image when finished.

Awesome sauce. Look forward to seeing what you got.

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