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Creative Christmas Card Ideas for this Holiday Season

So, you want a Christmas card that stands out from all the others your friends and family will receive this year and a Christmas card that doesn’t just get chucked into the trash.

This year, you want a Christmas card that’s different!

Listen, finding a Christmas card that gets noticed and avoids the trash can is hard, which is why I offer creative portraits for Christmas cards.

I GUARANTEE your Christmas card won’t get chucked into the trash this year.

My Personal Christmas Cards

Every year I make it a point to create a Christmas card that is unique and different, and every year I get several calls letting me know how fun my card was this year.

In fact, I’ve seen my Christmas card on people’s refrigerators months after the Holidays end.

creative holiday card of ulsrud family
the back of photillustrator's christmas card for 2019
creative christmas card for photillustrator

One of the keys to making a Christmas card memorable is to show people your fun personality.

More Christmas Card Ideas

It amazes me how many Christmas cards I get every year that are either generic cards or have a traditional family picture wishing everyone Happy Holidays!

Honestly, unless the card is from my mom, I glance at them and never see them again because they’re just not memorable.

Here are a couple more Christmas card ideas for you.

creative christmas card portrait of brian and jorie wages
creative composite of santa claus
creative holiday card of mandy childs family

As you can see, your portrait can get as crazy fun as you want or we can keep it traditional with a twist of fun.

Using Your Family Portrait

Just about every creative family portrait client I have ever gotten has asked, “Can we use our portrait for our Christmas cards this year?”

Of course, you can use your family portrait for your Christmas card.

And every year I get emails from clients telling me how many text messages and phone calls they received telling them how fun and awesome their Christmas cards were.

creative family portrait of mindy and glenn stearns
creative portrait of mcdonough family around pool
creative portrait of staub family in dallas texas around pool

I frequently tell my new clients, “The only limitation you have is your own imagination.”

So, let’s get creative!

Book a Session TODAY!

I don’t care who you call or where you go, you won’t find a more fun and creative Christmas card this year than the one I create for you.

I 100% guarantee you’ll get text messages and phone calls letting you know how awesome your Christmas card is this year.

I bet you even hear, “Best Christmas card EVER!”

Now, call me at (214) 945-3226 to book a portrait session for your Christmas card this year.

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