A Creative Family Portrait Set to Golfing

Bring your Family to Life with a Uniquely Different Family Portrait

“We all really love it and hope we bring you biz somehow, someway! Putting it out there into the universe for you. Your talent is tremendous and needs to be shared with the masses!”

~ Patty Mathes

patty mathes testimonial for jason ulsrud of photillustrator

Have something you love doing as a family and want to memorialize it in a uniquely different way?

The problem with the traditional way of doing family portraits is that they’re boring. Unable to capture your individual personalities and tell the stories that make you uniquely you, the problem with traditional family portraits is they’re not different.

Your friends and family are all getting them, you see them posted all over Facebook and Instagram, and photographers everywhere are doing them.

It’s impossible to find a family portrait that’s different!

That’s the problem the Mathes family had until they bid and won my family portrait session at a local Silent Auction here in Dallas, TX.

creative family portrait composite of the mathes family at four seasons resort and club in dallas texas

The Discovery

Patty and Todd were like most people we meet for their Discovery Session. They knew they wanted something different but didn’t know what that meant or looked like.

So, we took the time to get to know them and their personalities, brainstormed ideas, and designed out the family portrait of their dreams.

concept sketch for the mathes family portrait composite by photillustrator

I always find the Discovery Session to be one of the most fun parts of the Creative Portrait Process because that’s where the creative juices are really flowing and we’re all having so much fun and laughter.

The Mathes Family Portrait Breakdown

One of the most common questions I get from clients, those interested in having me create their family portrait, and even other photographers are, “how do you make these?”

Well, it’s not with an iPhone app or some fancy photoshop filters.

Every detail of your Creative Family Portrait is meticulously thought out and photographed separately, then, through a process called Composite Photography, I’ll spend anywhere between 30 and 50 hours painting and digitally creating your amazing family portrait.

It’s this process of taking several different photos and blending them together into one fantastic scene that gives me the ability to create a family portrait that’s totally different.

photography breakdown of the mathes family portrait composite

As you can see here, I used 29 different photos to bring the Mathes family portrait to life so they could share their uniquely different story of golfing.

A Look Behind the Portrait Scenes

We all love looking at before and after photos, don’t we?

After all, it’s all about the transformation, right?

Let’s start by looking at the original scene (background) photo I took, which is where the rest of this crazy family portrait grew from.

Even to me this visual transformation is crazy awesome!

When we meet for our Discovery Session, one thing you’ll often hear me say is, “Anything’s possible in the world of Photillustrator.”

So, let your imagination go and feel free to express yourself.

Would you believe we didn’t even photograph the Mathes family at the Four Seasons Resort and Club?

Nope, we photographed the Mathes family out in the front yard of their Dallas home, then photographed the girls in the background and their dog at the clubhouse at the Four Seasons.

Here, take a look.

As you can see from diving behind the curtain, there’s a lot more to this crazy family portrait than a simple app or filter, and they’re way more fun than those boring traditional family portraits everyone else is getting.

The Mathes Portrait Reveal

I know I said the Discovery Session was the most fun part of the Photillustrator Process but I was wrong.

The most fun is experiencing your crazy family portrait for the first time with family and friends.

Patty and Todd, along with their son Reagan, invited all their friends and family over to experience their crazy family portrait with them for the first time.

creative family portrait reveal of the mathes family

creative family portrait reveal of the mathes family

creative family portrait reveal of the mathes family

creative family portrait reveal of the mathes family

It’s so much fun seeing the smiles and hearing the laughs as unveiling happens and everyone searches for the 10 Hidden Touches the Mathes’ chose for their portrait.

Let me help bring your family to life in a Uniquely Different Family Portrait so when you look back on this time in 10 or 20 years, you’ll remember WHO you were, not just want you looked like.

Call me at (214) 945-3226 or Contact Me to book your Discovery Session for a Uniquely Different Family Portrait experience.

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