A Creative Family Portrait for the Masshole

Capture Your Personalities with a Creative Family Portrait

You want a family portrait that’s different but where do you go to find a photographer who does creative family portraits?

Well, right here!

For the last 100+ years, family portraits have all been done pretty much the same way. That is with everyone lined up, wearing the same clothes, and stiffly smiling for the camera.

In other words, they’re BORING!

The Bines family struggled with the same problem until they saw a creative portrait we did for Dan and Stephanie Fine, with who they’re great friends.

So, they call us and we brought their crazy family to life in a uniquely different family portrait.

creative family portrait of the bines family in dallas texas

Now, you might think I create these creative portraits in a few short minutes using some fancy app but that’s not in the process.

Instead, we meet with you for a Discovery Session to get to know you and your family’s fun personalities before brainstorming ideas for your family portrait story.

Once we’ve developed your family story idea, I create a concept sketch for you to approve before moving forward.

creative family portrait sketch for the bines family

After I get your approval on the sketch, we move on to the creative part of the process, which is the photography.

Believe it or not, the Bines creative family portrait took 35 photographs and around 25 hours of artwork to create.

breakdown of the bines creative family portrait composite

You might be wondering, “why does it take you that many pictures to make a portrait like this?”

Well, I don’t know. It just does.

Actually, it has a lot to do with composition, the motion of the subjects, and getting all the small details in the portrait to name just a few of my reasons.

It would impossible to capture all this fun within one single photo.

Here’s a before and after so you can see the difference between the photo straight out of the camera vs. what I digitally created.

Yes, it really took around 25 hours of computer time to transform this average picture of a house and pool to an amazing family portrait that made the family laugh and smile.

bines family reacting to seeing their creative family portrait for the first time
bines with their creative family portrait by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

Truly, the best part of every creative family portrait I make is the BIG Reveal where you get to experience your crazy portrait for the first time with friends and family.

This makes all the hard work and money worth it.

Trust me, or trust the Bines, you’ll LOVE it!

As I mentioned earlier, the transformation from an ordinary picture to an amazing work of art is super cool as you can see in the following images.

Now, instead of wishing you could get a family portrait that’s different and wondering if there’s a photographer who can do it, you can just contact me and I’ll happily create the family portrait of your dreams.

If you are a lover of art, I promise this will be the best and most personal piece of art you’ll ever own.

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Very talented guy you are Jason all the photo work you have done is incredible plus doing all the woodworking, you are a pleasure to follow. Keep up the great work my friend it’s awesome.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate you taking the time to post here.

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