Saying Thank You with a Creative Portrait

“Thank You for all your support and encouragement, which allows me to do what I love most in the world. CREATE UNIQUELY DIFFERENT PORTRAITS FOR UNIQUELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE.”

~Jason Ulsrud

jason ulsrud thank you for support and new hips

Have you ever wanted to thank someone but knew you needed something more than your average boring thank you card? Just over a year ago I could barely walk due to both my hip joints being worn down and destroyed, which meant I would need to have surgery to replace both hips.

Thanks to my amazing family and friends, who donated the money I would need, I was able to undergo the badly needed surgery and more importantly, be able to walk normal again. This kindness definitely required a thank you well beyond what I could get from Hallmark.

photo composite photography of jason ulsrud photographing wildlife

Unlike with regular boring portrait photography, I was able to create an image that magically portrayed me maximizing my brand new hips, and while I may be exaggerating a little here, today is really much better than before as you can see in these x-rays.

composite photographer jason ulsrud bad hip joints
Badly Arthritic Hip Joints

composite photographer jason ulsrud new hip joints
Newly Replaced Hip Joints

One day I could barely walk without crutches and the next day I was walking hours after having both hips replaced. How crazy is that?

composite photographer jason ulsrud in hospital following hip replacement surgery

composite photographer jason ulsrud recovering at home from hip replacement surgery

Within a month my wife and I were flying to Georgia to start work on our next family portrait call “Baxter Bash”. This job required a lot of stair and hill climbing, not to mention a small run through the airport to catch our flight.

photillustrator flying to georgia for creative family portrait

photillustrator in georgia photographing house for family portrait

composite photo of baxter family on the lake in georgia

Then, within two months my wife had me hiking Vail mountain along with many other 2 to 4 mile hikes up and around Vail, CO.

jason ulsrud in vail colorado

jason ulsrud sitting along a stream in vail colorado

I’ve never been one to really believe the “miracle” hype but I can honestly say the difference between the years before my surgery and since having my surgery has truly been a miracle, and it’s because of those who made all this possible, that I wanted to create a thank you uniquely different and special to them.

Who would you like to thank in a special way? In a way specific just to them? A thank you that can only be expressed with a Creative Portrait by Photillustrator?

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