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Creative Portraits That are Different

The Most Sought After Creative Portrait Photographer in Rockwall, TX

campisi family portrait framed by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud of photillustrator

Celebrate your Family’s Unique Style with a Creative Portrait That’s Fun and Entertaining. If you want a portrait that’s different and brings your family experience to life in a unique way, my Creative Portraits are the perfect option.
Go ahead, let your Imagination go a little wild.

Our Signature Portrait Process

Discovery  –  Approval  –  Creative  –  BIG Reveal

brainstorm ideas for your creative family portrait at our photillustrator discovery session


creative family portrait sketch approval by photillustrator


the creative family portrait process by photillustrator


the reveal of your family portrait by photillustrator


We believe the experience of creating your family portrait should be as fun and different as the portrait you’ll be getting.  Our 4 Step Portrait Process is designed to bring your unique story to life while being fun and easy for you.

The BIG Reveal of your Family Portrait

An Experience Worth Sharing

The Childs’ Portrait Reveal

The Fine’s Portrait Reveal

Common Creative Portrait Questions

We Want to Answer All Your Questions

When is the best time to schedule our family portrait session?

Right Now! Because of how Uniquely Different our Creative Family Portraits are and the amount of artwork required to create each one, we’re limited to only 20 new clients each year. That means if you want a family portrait that’s truly different, then right now is the best time to book your photography experience. BOOK SESSION NOW→

How long does it take to get a Creative Family Portrait?

That depends. On average, you can expect it to take between 4 to 6 weeks from start to finish, but we’ve completed portraits in as little as 3 weeks. The length of time it takes us to create such an amazing family portrait largely depends on 1) our portrait schedule and 2) your schedule. We do, however, have priority scheduling options that will guarantee you receive your portrait on the date you want it.

What's your process for creating our family portrait?

For our Creative Family Portraits, we have a 4 Step Process that’ll lead you from designing the family portrait of your dreams during our Discovery Session to experiencing your crazy family portrait for the first time with friends and family during your BIG Reveal. Every portrait begins with a Discovery Session where we help you design and build the portrait of your dreams. From there we create a Concept Sketch of your portrait, which you’ll make changes and approve during the Approval Session. Once we have your portrait approval, we move into the Creative Session where we do all the photography and artwork for your family portrait before sending it in for custom printing and framing. Saving the best for last, you will experience your unique family portrait with those you care about most during your BIG Reveal.

How much do your Creative Portraits cost?

We have 2 options to choose from. Our Creative Portraits, which we’ve become internationally known for, start at $5,150 and include a 50″ signed canvas print. For those with a smaller photography budget but who still want a portrait that’s different, we have our Creative Portrait Templates that start at $2,100 and include a 16″ matted photograph.

Do you travel outside the DFW area to create family portraits?

Yes, definitely! We are frequently commissioned to travel throughout the U.S. to create portraits for our clients. If you live in Rockwall or Dallas, TX, and want us to travel or you live in another city, the first step is to call us at (214) 945-3226 to secure the dates you’d like for your portrait session.

Do you charge more for really big families?

Yes! For both our Classic Portrait and Creative Portrait you can include as many family members and/or pets as you’d like. However, for portraits that include over 7 characters (people and pets) we do charge more.

Can you create a portrait using my personal photos?

Unfortunately, NO! Because of things like camera angles, perspectives, lighting, and image quality, it’s almost impossible to create a family portrait like these using photos we didn’t take. Every photograph we capture for your family portrait is captured taking angles, perspectives, lighting, and quality into consideration. That said, from time to time, when we’re unable to capture an image for your portrait, we may be able to use a photo you have or come up with creative alternatives.

Can we include our pets?

YES, of course. Your dog, cat, lizard, or parrot is as much a part of your family as your own kids, so we 100% want you to include them in your family’s portrait. Remember, this portrait will be a glimpse into what it’s like to be a part of your crazy family and if your pet’s anything like mine, they’re a huge part of the experience.

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