Creating a Uniquely Different Portrait

“I Love bringing my ideas to life in a uniquely different way.”

~ Jason “The Photillustrator” Ulsrud

the photillustrator jason usrud quote

Have you ever had a crazy idea or a moment in your life and thought, “I would love to bottle this up so I can remember it forever!” Happens to me all the time and thanks to my Creative Portraits, I can do just that. While driving around White Rock Lake here in Dallas, TX, I saw a bunch of seagulls flying around and thought, “I’d hate to be under them right now.” That was the birth of my latest crazy portrait called “The Defenders”.

composite photography portrait of boys fishing by jason ulsrud of photillustrator

It’s an honest mistake most people make to think these fun portraits are a painting or a photo with a couple of quick filters to get my signature look. Each portrait, however, is handcrafted using many different photos blended together along with digital art to create a Uniquely Different look. For “The Defenders” I used 68 different photos.

composite photography breakdown of the defenders portrait

Each portrait begins with our “Scene”, which is the basic canvas I use to build and create your Uniquely Different family portrait.

Once the Scene has been set, I photograph each Character and through a detailed process called “Photoshop Extraction” I cut out the Character so I can place them within our Scene.

photoshop extraction of niko for composite

photoshop extraction of luka for composite

photoshop extraction of seagull for composite

Of course, what’s a story without the fun details? Using several more photos, I add small details that will help tell your story and bring out your fun personalities.

As you can see, from the photography to the digital artwork, it takes many hours to bring your story to life in a Creative Family Portrait. Hours only we will take to make sure your family portrait turns out perfect.

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This is such a fun image! Imaginative, detailed, rich, lifelike, funny, and more.

I was born and raised on the docks of Clearwater, FL, so know how annoying
— and terrifying — a flock of seagulls can be.

You’ve captured that feeling brilliantly.

This portrait (of brothers, I assume) will be treasured for generations.

So much photography these days is devoid of real artistry.

Yours is truly a breath of fresh air. Thanks for working in your zone of genius!

Kind regards,


That’s very kind of you to say and really appreciate your commenting. Thanks so much Blair.

You out do yourself each new portrait!!! I am trying to emulate you but its its tough!!

I appreciate that Hugh but if I can offer one piece of advice… Create what makes YOUR heart happy and you’ll find much success.

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