dog portrait of sheltie by dallas pet photographer, jason ulsrud

Dog Portraits of Kayla Jean the Sheltie

As a Dallas Portrait Photographer, and aside from creating Signature Family Portraits, I love the challenge of creating Pet Portraits.

And today, I would like to share some recent Dog Portraits created for Kayla Jean, and amazing looking Sheltie.

Unlike many photographers creating portraits of dogs, my primary goal is to capture that one special image my clients will make into a large piece of wall art.

Sometimes, however, which image is the best can be difficult to decide.

Kayla Jean the Sheltie

The #1 thing I always strive to accomplish with all my portrait photography, regardless of whether it’s Portraits of your family, Advertising Portraits, or my Dog Portraits, is to always be different.

dog portrait of sheltie dog in forest at autumn

Creating Pet Portraits that are different can be accomplished several ways, which is why I’ve chosen to focus on the two primary ways I feel are most significant.

Unique Location: One thing I feel makes my Dog Portraits different than most other Pet Photographers, is I focus a great deal on incorporating a Unique Location that means something to the pet, and pet owner.

If you’re looking for a Portrait of your Dog that’s different than you can take with your iPhone, or different than what you’ve seen other Pet Photographers doing, you may want to consider finding a Unique Location.

Tweaking Reality: Subtly Tweaking Reality through some posing techniques I use, and digital artwork I incorporate using Photoshop, allows me to create Dog Portraits unlike anything you’ll see anywhere else.

I’ve worked very hard to create a unique style of Pet Portraits that’s engaging to the viewer, and truly captures your pets personality.

before and after of dog portraits of kayla jean the sheltie

Pet Portraits & Wall Art

My clients hire me to create Portraits of their Dogs because they not only want a great image, but they want a great piece of Wall Art for their home.

The walls of your home should serve more purpose and function than separating rooms and holding up the roof.

kayla jean the sheltie dog portrait in park in front of homes

The portraits I created of Kayla were done with the specific purpose of creating a Stretched Canvas piece of Wall Art for the home.

pet portraits of kayla jean the sheltie, dee ulsrud, and george hukkanen

As a special bonus for my clients, I always include a few portraits of them with their special pet, and while not the focus of our portrait session, they do make nice gifts.

That’s a Wrap

To give you some perspective here.

I took around 145 different images of Kayla Jean, all with the end goal of capturing that one perfect portrait that would capture Kayla’s personality, and make a great piece of Wall Art for the client’s home.

While several of the images would be considered nice, I’m looking for that perfect head tilt, or look in the eyes, or stance of the dog, to tell me, “This is the one!”

For now, leave a comment below and tell me what you think of this beautiful Portrait of Kayla Jean the Sheltie?

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