Editorial Portrait of the Brass Tacks Barber Shop Gang

Editorial Portrait of the Brass Tacks Barber Shop Gang

One of my favorite things about being a photographer in Dallas, is meeting really cool people and taking Bad Ass portraits of them.

I call this Editorial Portrait, “The Brass Tacks Gang”.

Brass Tacks Barber Shop is located in the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff, TX, and as you can see in this portrait, it’s as different and unique as any Barber Shop around.

While this Editorial piece looks straight forward and simple, it’s anything but, so break out your Uppercut Cream cuz I’m going to comb through this portrait.

The Photography

The photo session was scheduled to be shooting the photography for a Composite Photography project, and individual portraits of the guys from Brass Tacks Barber Shop, which was a full shoot already.

Half way through the portraits, I was asked to do a shot with all the guys and their Harley Davidson motorcycles.

With about 15 minutes of shade left in front of the shop, I said “Let’s Do It”, and out the door we all went to quickly grab a few frames of the gang.

Here’s what I came up with for this portrait…


editorial portrait of dallas brass tacks barber shop in bishop arts district in oak cliff

I hate to admit the photography for this Editorial Portrait was anything but difficult.

Because I like to light everything flat and build on it in Photoshop, I chose to use only nature’s light, which as you can see worked out really well.

Whenever possible, I like to use natural lighting, without strobes.

As far as posing goes, I love capturing the moment, so there was no posing and I let the guys do and be as cool as they already are.

Because I chose this method, I Composited a couple of images together to capture each of the guys the way I thought looked best.

Comparing the Before and After

I always like seeing where photographers started with their photography, and ultimately where they end up after editing.

I’m always curious how much editing goes into a photographers work.

before and after of the editorial portrait of dallas brass tacks barber shop

Admittedly, I put a lot of work into my Photillustrations, and sometimes spend more time working on a piece than I’m probably being paid for.

But if I’m putting my name on it, it HAS TO be good.

Photoshop Editing

Because this was a spur of the moment shot, there were many variables out of my control, which resulted on some heavier than expected Photoshop editing.

But I love a good Photoshop challenge.

My intentions when I started the editing process was to keep this image 100% original, but this did not happen.

I edit the way I see the world.

Before I even realized what I was doing, I enlarged the heads maybe 25%, and exaggerated the features I find most interesting.

I believe there is scientific evidence to support my editing style.

I added some subtle lighting elements, removed a bunch of cigarette butts, fixed portions of the wall, painted out electrical lines, and cloned out a bunch of cat hair on Grim, the dude on the second Harley.

The hardest Photoshop edit, however, was adding the Brass Tacks Barber Shop sign onto the wall.

While creating the realistic angles and dimensions wasn’t too difficult, creating realistic texture and colors where what took me longer than expected.

But, I think it turned out splendidly. Don’t you?

Editorial Portraits

If I had to pick a type of photography I like doing most, it would definitely be Editorial Portraiture.

It’s photography I want to get hired for more into the future.

Because meeting new and interesting people, hearing their stories, and feeling their passions interests me so much, Editorial Photography is a perfect fit for me, and I believe I offer a different vibe than other photographers.

Now, if you have any questions about my photography, or you’d like to work with me on an Editorial Portrait, Contact Me and let’s talk.

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