Editorial Portraits of the Beard Man

Editorial Portraits of the Beard Man

As a wearer of a beard myself, I can appreciate a good beard, and Cody Murphey of beardsupply.com is the expert of all things Bearded.

So, I jumped at the opportunity to create these cool Editorial Portraits of the Beard Man himself.

Spending a great deal of my time being a Dallas Portrait Photographer, I really enjoy the chance of putting on my Advertising Photography hat to create Editorial Portraits.

Now, slowly put down your razor, take a step back, and let’s look at some portraits of the Beard Man.

Portraits of the Beard

Before I get too far into Editorial Portraits, Beards, or Cody Murphey’s Beard Supply company, let’s take a look at some portraits.

portrait of beard supply founder cody murphey by dallas advertising photographer

editorial portrait of cody murphey of beardsupply.com by dallas photographer jason ulsrud

cody murphey of beardsupply.com portrait by jason ulsrud

cody murphey portrait by dallas portrait photographer jason ulsrud

The Key to Creating Amazing Portraits

I always say, “A portrait is only as good as the subject being photographed.”

And, I think it’s fair to say, when it comes to beards, Cody Murphey makes a great subject to photograph.

With every portrait I create, regardless of whether its one of my Signature Family Portraits, a Classic Family Portrait, or one of my Editorial Photography portraits, my end goal is to always evoke a feeling from you, the viewer.

Feelings have the power to move people, to sell products, and to enhance the human experience.

In a world of “Deleteble Art”, when digital art and digital photography has a life span of minutes, hours, and if you’re lucky, a few days, I believe creating images that make you feel is quickly becoming a lost art.

I could talk about f-stops, shutter speeds, camera equipment, and lighting setups, but for me, these technicalities are simply a means to an end.

And that end, is capturing a feeling.

What this means for Advertising Photography

I make important calls to loved ones and clients using my iPhone, I use my iPad to casually check emails and surf the net, I’m typing this article right now on my MacBook Pro, and I edit all my Photillustrations and portraits on my iMac computer.

I could do all these tasks on any other technology, but I chose Apple because of how these products make me FEEL.

I’ll soon be in the market for a new car, and I want to buy a Subaru Outback, because of how I will FEEL owning that type of car.

Look at the Advertising Photography each of these Brands use, and one thing becomes very clear.

They’re focused on making us FEEL.

Like these amazingly successful Brands, my entire purpose in life is to create images that help you FEEL and enjoy your life.

And, I want to work with companies like Apple and Subaru, who have the same purpose of enhancing the human experience.

Wrapping Up my Tangent

I know this article started off with me showing you the recent Editorial Portraits I did of Cody and his Beard Supply company, which Cody believed turned out really great.

When I look at these portraits, they make me want a better beard, and they make me FEEL like there’s more to life than simply sitting here at Panera in the concrete jungle of Dallas.

If you’re a Family, an Individual, an Ad Agency, or a Brand, and you want to enhance your experience, or the experience of others, I invite you to look at my Advertising Photography work.

Ok, if you’d like to join me on my mission of enhancing the human experience through meaningful imagery, let’s chat…

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