Editorial Style Senior Portraits

What do you do when you want a senior portrait that’s different?

All your friends are getting the same senior portraits from the same senior portrait photographer and you want your pictures to be different?

Where do you go?

Being a portrait photographer and having seniors myself, I wanted to create a senior portrait that was more than a simple representation of who my boys are.

For me, I wanted to see WHO they were at this monumental time of their lives.

Niko’s Senior Portraits

The best portraits are those that capture that precious moment where you have a connection with the subject being photographed.

A great portrait sucks you in and makes you wonder and ask questions.

Now, Niko, being 17, couldn’t care less about any of this stuff little lone even having senior pictures made at all.

However, as his dad, and knowing someday he will care, I wanted to create a portrait of substance.

I wanted his senior portraits to not only capture his likeness but to see WHO this amazing young man is.

creative senior portrait of niko ulsrud
editorial style senior portrait of niko ulsrud
niko ulsrud high school senior portrait

Of course, while these 3 images are great, they only tell part of the story, which is why I think senior portraits should be done 3 or 4 times throughout their senior year.

Luka’s Senior Portraits

There are 2 types of portrait photographers; there are those who manufacture the same portrait every time like it’s an assembly line and there are those who approach each portrait experience as individual as the person being photographed.

While Niko’s portraits have a very editorial vibe, for my son Luka, his portraits to more of a fashion editorial look.

senior portrait of luka ulsrud
senior portrait of luka ulsrud with violin
casual senior portrait of luka ulsrud

The trick to a GREAT portrait has less to do with the camera and lights and more to do with finding that sweet spot of expression.

Anybody can take a decent picture but it’s the great photographers who can capture that split-second moment when the subject being photographed forgets about the camera and lights and lets their guard down just long enough to be captured.

Get a Different Senior Portrait

While most all of you will go to the same portrait photographer, which will result in senior pictures that all look pretty much the same, I have to believe a few of you want something different like I did.

Call me at (972) 945-3226 or email me at [email protected] to book a senior portrait session so you’ll have portraits that are more than a picture.

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