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durham family portrait displayed in their dallas home

As a Dallas Portrait Photographer specializing in creating One-of-a-Kind Family Portraits, the display of your family’s portrait is where I find my biggest joy.

Today, I want to share that joy with you with the display of a recent Photillustration I call, “Family Gathering”.

The “Family Gathering” portrait was created using 53 separate photos, which you can see the complete breakdown in my recent post called, “The 53 Images of the Family Gathering Composite”.

Now, let’s take a look at the “Family Gathering” on display.

Displaying the Family Gathering Portrait

Before I dive too far into any Family Portrait I create, I always take into account where in your home you plan on displaying your One-of-a-Kind Family Portrait.

This helps me determine not only the size that best fits your needs, but also the concept best fitting your style.

durham family portrait on display in their dallas home

There are so many fine details with each Family Portrait I create, you’ll spend hours looking throughout your portrait, finding enjoying each small detail.

steve and barbara durham enjoying their family portrait by dallas portrait photographer

I create your Family Portrait to be Enjoyed and Experienced, not just something that sits on a shelf and looked at every once in a while.

the durham family portrait by dallas portrait photographer on display in their home

It’s Better in Person

Most people start their Photillustrator Experience with viewing my work online through either my website gallery, on Facebook, or on Instagram.

And the most common reaction I get is how amazing my portraits look, and how unique my style is.

While you may be looking at my Custom Family Portraits here on my gallery, and think they look great, this doesn’t come close to experiencing your full scale Photillustration in real life.

family portrait of durham family by dallas portrait photographer, jason ulsrud

One of the most frequent comments I get several months after a client receives their One-of-a-Kind Family Portrait is, “I’m still finding things I’d never seen before.”

A Final Thought

I’m always asked, “Your work is so amazing, how did you come up with the idea to do Family Portraits this way?”

I create portraits I like…

I have several reasons for creating my Photillustrations, but the bottom line is I hate boring traditional portraits, so I create portraits I like and would love seeing on my wall.

In fact, I will likely hang your Family Portrait on my wall for a couple of weeks so I can enjoy before it comes to live with you permanently.

I guess you could say that’s my test…

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