displayed composite photography of the durham family portrait

Making Your Signature Family Portrait the Center of Attention

When you commission me to create a One-of-a-Kind Signature Family Portrait for your home, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is, “Where will I display my new Photillustration?”

So, today I’m going to share why Bill and Tara made their Family Portrait the Center of Attention in their home.

I was commissioned by Bill and Tara to create a Photillustration that would capture their crazy lives, along with the personalities of not only themselves, but their three Great Danes as well.

Now, let’s focus our attention on why you’re going to want to make your Family Portrait the Center of it.

Your Attention.

Displaying Your Family Portrait

Bill and Tara commissioned me to create a 50” Family Portrait that used a total combined 59 Composited images.

At first, they were hesitant to move a $25,000 piece of art from above their mantel to display their Photillustration.

family composite photography by dallas portrait photographer

However, once they saw their Family Photillustration for the first time, the decision to replace their $25,000 investment with their new One-of-a-Kind Family Portrait was easy.

family portrait by photillustrator displayed above fireplace

While this case may be an exception to the rule, I know Bill and Tara won’t regret making their Family Portrait the Center of Attention.

Displaying Your One-of-a-Kind Photillustration

Where you decide to display your new Family Portrait is an important decision, and one I recommend giving serious thought to.

It’s so important, in fact, I go over possible locations with you during our Discovery Session.

Here’s Two (2) things you should consider…

#1 Display Location

Whether you’re a connoisseur of art or not, the BEST LOCATION to display your One-of-a-Kind Photillustration is where you will see it the most.

I ask clients, “Where is the Featured wall space in your home?”

In other words, next to your T.V., where is the one place on your walls where you will most enjoy your Family Portrait?

Aside from choosing a “featured wall space”, a lot goes into choosing the perfect wall space to display your Photillustration, but I’ll get into that in a later article.

For now, display your Family Portrait where you will enjoy it most.

#2 Size

The size of your Custom Photillustration matters more than you can imagine.

What dictates size the most?

Where you choose to display your Family Portrait plays a major role in the final size of your Photillustration.

The most popular Photillustration size I create is the 50” Panoramic.

Another great way to look at this is, “Which is more important? Your T.V., or your Family Portrait?”

It’s That Important

I believe in the next 20 years, you’ll consider your One-of-a-Kind Photillustration to be the best investment you’ve made, so where you choose to display it is that important.

What’s more important? Fox News, American Idol, the X-Files, or a Fun Portrait of your Amazing Family?

Now, give me a call at (214) 945-3226 and let’s see where the best place is for your to display a One-of-a-Kind Family Portrait.

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