a list of 7 of my most favorite composite photography images by dallas composite photographer

My 7 Most Favorite Composite Photography Images

As a Dallas Portrait Photographer, and one who specializes in Composite Photography, I’m always studying my craft and looking for images I can learn from.

So, today I’m going to share my 7 most favorite Composite Photography images, and I’m also going to share why.

Now, I could just simply fall back on the 5 Composite Photographers who Inspire me, and there may be a few of their images on this list, but I’m choosing these images based on the image, not the Photographer.

Additionally, I believe way too often we don’t give credit where credit is due, and I know all the Photographers on this list work hard, and deserve to know how they’ve influenced, and continue to influence, my work.

Now, let’s crack open this portfolio of awesomeness and see what’s inside.

7 Favorite Composite Photography Images

This list is in no particular order of favoriteness because there are details about each of the Composited images I like enough to put them on this list.

My hopes are you can see some of the influence each of these Photographers and their images have had on my Composites.

composite photography image by photographer dave hill

Composite Photographer – Dave Hill

About 4 years ago, I was looking to get back into Photography after being out of the profession for 15 years. (I know… That’s an entire different post I may write on later)

Through my searches of Photographers, I cam across Dave Hill’s Composite Photography work and was BLOWN away.

This image, and other Composites Dave Hill has created, opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

For some reason it took me another 3 years before I made the jump back into Photography, but these images have always influenced my Composite Photography path.

Dave’s Influence on me: Dave’s Composite work has influenced me to create images that challenge the imagination and inspire a world of wonder.

Visit Dave Hill’s website: davehillphoto.com

composite photography image by photographer michael herb

Composite Photographer – Michael Herb

Hands down, some of the coolest Composite Photography on the planet comes from Las Vegas based Photographer, Michael Herb.

His work is so damn amazing, I wish I saw the world the way Michael Herb does, but there can only be one Michael Herb.

I frequently visit Michael’s website just to be inspired, and to push my skills when I’m feeling a little sloppy.

Michael’s Influence on me: Because of Michael’s YouTube channel, he has influenced my workflow through Lightroom and Photoshop, and where I learned to enhance tattoos using Photoshop.

Visit Michael Herb’s website: michaelherbphoto.com

composite photography image by photographer adrian sommeling

Composite Photographer – Adrian Sommeling

I consider Adrian Sommeling my brother from another Photographer because if there’s another Photographer who sees the world like I do, it would be Adrian.

I admire Adrian’s Composite Photography so much, I hold my work to his standard.

Additionally, I don’t typically buy tutorials for various obvious reasons, but I have purchased every one of Adrian’s tutorials and highly recommend you do the same if you want to Rock at Composite Photography.

Adrian’s Influence on me: Adrian frequently uses his son to create amazing Composites, so I’m always influenced, and sometimes pissed because I didn’t come up with the ideas he does, his work.

Visit Adrian Sommeling’s website: adriansommeling.com

composite photography by photographer tim tadder

Composite Photographer – Tim Tadder

I have been referred to Tim Tadder’s website several times by Photo Reps who suggest I do more Conceptual work like the Composites of Tim’s.

I love Tim’s Photography work, and as much as I would love to produce more commercially relevant work, I simply don’t see the world this way.

Tim Tadder is awesome at what he does because he loves doing what he does, and that’s what I strive for within each Composite I create.

Tim’s Influence on me: Aside from his Composite work, Tim passion for Photography and attention to detail always influence me to become better at what I do.

Visit Tim Tadder’s website: timtadder.com

composite photography image by photographer brandon cawood

Composite Photographer – Brandon Cawood

If there’s one Photographer I admire most for his ability to create a niche, and turn his passion for Compositing into a business, it’s Brandon Cawood.

While Brandon is super talented and could Composite anything he wants, I think it’s fair to say we all know his style and where his sweet spot in Photography is.

I’ve always struggled with changing things up way too soon, or before it has a chance to catch, so I frequently refer to Brandon’s work when I need that booster shot of “Keep doing what you’re doing”.

Brandon’s Influence on me: Brandon’s Composite work has influenced me to “stay the course” and not change up everything I’m doing before it has a chance to be successful.

Visit Brandon Cawood’s website: brandoncawood.com

composite photography image by photographer josh rossi

Composite Photographer – Josh Rossi

I’ve been following Josh Rossi for quite some time now through his amazing Full Time Photographer Podcast, which I’ve probably listened to every episode at least once, if not twice.

This Composite of Josh’s is what inspired me to start warping my buildings, which has become a signature within my Family Portraits, and is frequently requested by clients.

Josh’s attention to detail is amazing considering the number of images he uses to create his Composites.

Josh’s Influence on me: Josh’s Composite work has influenced the possibilities of using many images to create one scene, which has become something my clients want.

Visit Josh Rossi’s website: joshrossi.com

composite photography image by photographer joel grimes

Composite Photographer – Joel Grimes

The master of Composite Photography himself, Joel Grimes has created a very recognizable style, along with his ability to market himself as a Composite Photographer.

Joel Grimes fell into his unique desaturated look because of his color blindness, which has influenced my work greatly.

I desaturate every single Photillustration I create mostly because it helps me match color tones between Composited items.

Joel’s Influence on me: Joel’s Composite work has influenced my post production and the use of desaturation, which is an added step I use that helps me bring various tones together as one.

Visit Joel Grimes’ website: joelgrimes.com

Full Disclosure

I did not ask permission to add and link to these Composite Photographers, so if you see your image on this list and don’t want it to be on here, please email me and I’ll be happy to remove it, or swap it out with a different Photographer.

There are many other Composites and Photographers who I could have added to this list, but I’ll save them for a future post.

If you’re looking for inspiration and motivation for your next Composite Photography project, I recommend clicking through to each of these Photographer’s websites and checking out their amazing work.

Now, that you have an idea of what Composites have inspired me, it’s your turn to share what Photographers have inspired you.

Leave a comment below, and share a link to the Composite Photographer who inspires you along your Photographic Journey.

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