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A Fine Family Portrait Reaction

Upon sitting with Dan and Stephanie Fine several months ago for their Discovery Session, they had a big decision to make. Like so many people every day, they had to decide whether they wanted the same old boring family portrait everyone else is getting, or if they wanted to Stand Out, Be Different, and Get Noticed with a Creative Family Portrait.

Fortunately, they chose to get a Creative Family Portrait and telling by their reaction, they’re happy they did.

Unfortunately for so many people today, they don’t have a choice. They’re stuck with getting the same boring family portraits they’ve always gotten, never realizing what it feels like to have a Family Portrait that Stands Out and Gets Noticed.

If you’re one of those people, I hope that changes for you after seeing the Fine’s reaction to their Family Portrait.

The Design of Standing Out

Let’s be honest, we all want to Stand Out, Be Different, and Get Noticed. After all, that’s why we go to such great lengths to express ourselves in many ways from coloring our hair to buying luxury items, only to meet up with our friends to discover they’ve colored their hair and they also have the expensive things we just bought.

Standing Out, Being Different, and Getting Noticed isn’t easy.

dan and stephanie fine creative family portrait by photillustrator

Actually, it’s a lot easier now with a Creative Family Portrait and it all starts with our Discovery Session where we meet at your home so we can get to know all about you and your family, we brainstorm ideas for your portrait, and together we design out the story you want to tell.

Once I’m clear on the story you want to tell and the concept for your portrait, I make what I call a “Concept Sketch” of your Family Portrait.

the concept sketch for dan and stephanie fines creative family portrait

Upon completing the sketch for your Family Portrait, we meet again so you can either edit the design of your story or you Approve the concept and we move forward with the needed photography.

As you go through the experience of Discovery, Creating, and Revealing, you’ll quickly realize why your Creative Family Portrait will get the attention it does. 

Stand Out and Get Noticed or Don’t

Listen, I get it. Getting a Creative Family Portrait that Stands Out and Gets Noticed takes more time and it costs a lot, so you’re questioning whether it’s really worth it.

If you don’t, however, it’s the same boring family portrait that looks like everybody else’s and barely gets noticed.

Then in 10 or 20 years, when your kids have grown up, are off to college, and starting families of their own, you won’t remember the Creative Family Portrait you could have had, but instead, you’ll be dusting the old family portrait you did get off, and for a second you’ll think, “this is nice.”

That’s it, your life has been reduced to a fluttering thought of “nice”. 

Boring, average family portraits not only don’t Stand Out or Get Noticed, but they’re also not memorable.

You Deserve the Attention

Every day we fly through our lives rarely taking a moment to stop and appreciate what makes us smile and happy. Between going to work, kids to school, and binge watching Dexter (really good btw), we frequently don’t get the attention we crave.

But you Deserve the Attention, don’t you?

When you get a Creative Family Portrait that Stands Out and Gets Noticed, you’ll be amazed by how many people react the same way Dan and Stephanie Fine did in their reveal video, and you’ll be blown away by the comments you receive on Facebook and Instagram.

And those are just short-term benefits.

Imagine now, 10 or 20 years down the line, kids have grown up, they’re off to college, and starting families of their own, and you’ll look up to see a memory you would have lost if not for the Creative Family Portrait you had made so many years ago.

The real value of your Family Portrait will be realized later.

That’s a Wrap

You may not realize this, but your story’s being designed right now, and you have the creative control to determine its direction.

Do you want to Stand Out, Be Different, and Get Noticed with a Creative Family Portrait, or do you want to blend into the background with everyone else and get a boring portrait?

As they say in the movies, “That’s a Wrap”. Leave a comment below and let me hear your thoughts.

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