Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We have Answers!

What’s the process for getting a family portrait?

Every portrait begins with the Discovery Session where I spend time getting to know you and your family, we talk about what kind of family portrait you’d like, and we brainstorm ideas for your portrait. So, the first step is to schedule your Discovery Session, which you can do if you Click Here.

What’s the process for making our family portrait?

Because each Family Portrait we create is so Uniquely Different and Personal, we have developed the Photillustrator Process, which ensures your portrait meets our high standard. You will begin with the Discovery Session where we design out your portrait’s story, then the Approval Session where you approve the sketch of your portrait, the Photo Sessions to capture all the images we need to create your portrait, and finally your BIG Reveal where you experience your family portrait for the first time with those you care about most. Click Here to learn more about our Photillustrator Process.

Can you tell me how much my portrait will cost?

Our Family Portraits are really expensive, which is why they’re not for everyone. If all you want is a picture of your family, one that looks like every other family photo, then I can say you’ll think this costs way too much. However, if you want a family portrait that’s Different, handcrafted just for you and one you’ll actually love, then your family portrait will be an investment you’ll happily make. That said, I have clients who have invested as much as $10,000 on their family portrait, but based on the style you like best (Signature vs. Classic), the size you choose, your story concept, and whether you want extras like our popular Hidden Touches, your investment can be as little as $1,950.

Are your portraits photos or a painting?

You may be wondering whether the Creative Family Portraits you see in my Signature Family Portrait gallery are photos or paintings and you’re not alone. In fact, when most people who aren’t familiar with my work see a portrait for the first time, they commonly refer to them as paintings. This, however, is only partially true. Your Family Portrait is composed of many different photos pieced together along with a digital painting process I’ve created, which gives your portrait that photo / illustrative look.

Can you use my pictures or do you have to take your own?

Because your family portrait is created using many different images blended together to create one amazing portrait, it’s common to think we can simply use the pictures you already have. For a variety of reasons, which includes the quality of the image, lighting, perspective and angels, and image credit, we must do the photography. However, there are special circumstances, such as with passed loved ones, that may require we use the photos you have in a creative way.
Click Here to find out more about why we can’t use your personal photos.

Are you only in Dallas or do you travel?

As more and more clients are discovering they can get a fun and entertaining family portrait that’s uniquely different, and because we’re the only place creating this style and quality of portraits, we’re finding ourselves traveling more frequently to make sure our clients are happy. To better serve our out of town clients, we have modified our Photillustrator Process to ensure your family portrait comes out perfect.

Do you offer a guarantee on your portraits?

Because we don’t do things like the average portrait photographer you’ve hired in the past, we understand you may have some uncertainty with how your family portrait will turn out. Even after seeing the other amazing portraits in our Signature Family Portrait gallery, you may have reservations about what your portrait will turn out like. Not to worry, because we guarantee you’ll love how your portrait turns out, and if you don’t, we’ll fix it until you do love it. Unlike other photographers, we also guarantee your signed canvas portrait for life against any damage that may occur, regardless of who’s fault it is. We stand by our work and are committed to exceeding your high expectations!

How long will it take to have my portrait created?

Every portrait is different, but from the Discovery Session to your BIG Reveal, you can expect it taking an average of 4 to 8 weeks. This, however, largely depends on your schedule and can be done sooner, or may take longer.

Can I make special requests?

Yes, definitely! Your Discovery Session is designed to give you as much creative input as you wish. From the overall concept of your story, whether it’s more realistic or a theme, to the smallest details that will be throughout your family portrait, you have full control of what your portrait turns out like. And nothing moves forward until we have your final approval at the Approval Session.

I have a question I didn’t see an answer for!

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