Getting Campfire Drunk with the Back Family

When Stacy had contacted me to schedule her family portrait, it had been many years since the last one.

When asked, “Why did you wait so long?”

Stacy replied, “Because getting everyone together at the same time for a family picture is almost impossible and everybody hates getting their picture taken.”

creative family portrait of stacy back family camping in rockwall texas

Two reasons that led her to me and my crazy style of family portraits.

What If Everyone Can’t Be There for Their Pictures?

When you have a big family with kids out of the house, it’s almost impossible to get everyone together for a family photo.

Stacy, like so many families, had kids in college and deployed to foreign countries, not to mention COVID.

Because my portraits are created using a photographic technique called compositing, which simply means I use many photos blended together, I’m able to do multiple photo sessions so we can include anyone and everyone in your fun family portrait.

Here’s a breakdown of all the photos used to create Stacy’s Campfire Drunk portrait.

photography breakdown of stacy back campfire drunk composite portrait

Each person, along with each detail, is photographed separately making it easy to include everyone in your family portrait.

What If I Hate Having my Pictures Taken?

If you’re like most people, you’ve not had a great experience with having your photos done, which is why you probably hate having them taken.

That’s likely because the photographer failed to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

With my Creative Family Portraits, you’ll not only feel comfortable in front of the camera, but you’ll also have a blast posing for your crazy photos.

That’s because each character has a part to play in their photos.

before and after photography of guy on fire photo composite
before and after photography of grandfather campfire drunk family portrait
before and after photos of big dog for family portrait composite
before and after photos of lab for creative family portrait in rockwall texas

One way we helped Stacy and her family through feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera, is we give them clear direction and shoot very fast.

On average, I’ll take between 15 and 20 photos, lasting around 5 minutes.

The Campfire Template

While many of my Creative Portraits are fully custom and include my client’s home in the background, Stacy’s Campfire Drunk portrait was created using a scene template.

Templates like this allow me to create super fun and cute portraits at a lower price point, making my creative family portraits more affordable for more people who want a portrait that’s different.

Schedule a Family Portrait Today!

If, like Stacy, you want a portrait of your family that’s different, or you can’t seem to get everyone together at the same time, or you hate having your pictures taken, then I’m here to help.

Schedule a Creative Portrait session today and bring your family to like in a fun and entertaining portrait.

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I absolutely love this piece, you are incredible and what a story you can tell! Thank you for all you did for our family! Can’t wait for the next piece!!!

Thank you and your family was beyond fun to work with. Can’t wait to see it displayed in it’s new home.

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