The Han Family Portrait

“It turned out so fabulous and we love it!”

~ Rita Tran-Han

rita family portrait testimonial for photillustrator

What do you do when you want a family portrait that’s different? Where do you go? Who do you call? After seeing the portrait we did for Dan and Stephanie Fine, Rita knew instantly what to do, where to go, and who to call. From there, together with Rita, we developed the idea for what would become their crazy family portrait called “Pink Lipstick”.

dallas family portrait featuring the han family by photillustrator

Like so many of our clients, Rita knew she wanted a portrait that was different but didn’t quite know what she wanted. That’s why we started off with our Discovery Session where we helped Rita develop the fun idea for her family portrait. What made this such a fun experience for Rita, however, is she had the opportunity to see the Concept Sketch of her portrait and make any changes she wanted before moving forward.

concept sketch for dallas family portrait

Unlike with those boring family portraits you’ve done in the past where you had to sit still and smile for the camera, Rita, Michael, and her family had a lot of fun jumping into their character roles. Friday the dog took jumping into her role seriously and literally.

While Rita and her family had a lot of fun with the Photo Sessions for their family portrait, it wasn’t even close to the fun they had with friends and family at the BIG Reveal of their crazy portrait.

After it was all said and done, Rita, Michael, the kids, and even Friday the dog had a great time and I believe we met their expectations of getting a family portrait that was totally different.

If you’re like Rita and want a portrait that’s different, a portrait that’ll make you smile and laugh, and a portrait that’ll only get more valuable with time, Contact Me today and let’s get you scheduled for your Discovery Session.

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Hey Jason – Another masterpiece – these must be incredibly fun for you and for the families. Congrats


Awww… Thanks so much Sherri. Admittedly, they are a ton of fun and the BIG Reveals are incredible.

another masterpiece from Jason!!!

Thanks so much Hugh. Really appreciate your support:)

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