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corporate headshot portraits by rockwall texas photographer jason ulsrud

Want a Headshot Portrait that stands out and gets you noticed?
Instead of using your phone to snap your headshot selfie or hiring a cheap photographer
to do your headshot, why not do something different?
We specialize in professional headshot portraits that fit your brand so you get noticed.

Professional Retouching

Professional Retouching So You Look Your BEST

headshot portrait before it was edited and retouched

Before Retouching

professional headshot being retouched in photoshop by jason ulsrud


professional headshot after being retouched by rockwall photographer jason ulsrud

After Retouching

From stray hairs to wrinkles to a few extra pounds, we all want to look our best. That’s why every headshot portrait we make goes through professional retouching so you look your very best.

Common Headshot Portrait Questions

We Want to Answer All Your Questions

How long will it take to get my headshot done?

Quickly! Following the photography of your headshot and selecting the portrait you like best, it immediately goes into professional retouching, which will take about a day. Of course, we can work with any timeline you have as long as we know when you need your finished portrait.

How much does a professional headshot cost?

That depends! The sitting fee for our professional headshots starts at $325 and our prints start at $250 for an 8×10 matted print. This includes the photography session at our home studio, professional retouching, an 8×10 matted print, and a digital copy of your retouched headshot portrait.

Will I get a digital copy of my picture?

Yes! Every professional headshot portrait we make comes with an 8×10 matted print plus a full-resolution digital copy for you to use however you want.

How many clothing options will I get?

As many as you want! Your $350 sitting fee includes 3 or 4 clothing changes that many of our clients like so they can include a formal, dress-casual, and casual look within their headshot portfolio. Sometimes, clients will also do 3 or 4 different looks so they have headshots they can change out throughout the year.

Can you make me look thinner for my headshot?

Definitely! The advantage to having us do your professional headshot portrait is that we know all the tricks to make you look your best. With the right camera angles, lighting, and retouching we can help you shed the pounds and look great!

family portrait testimonial from barbara durham
B. Durham

Jason created a lasting personal look of our family. It was such a creative process, and we felt part of it from beginning to final portrait. What an enjoyable piece of art we will update in a few years. It’s a modern-day Norman Rockwell Astonishingly Fabulous piece of Art!!!

family portrait testimonial from josh mayfield
J. Mayfield

Our family portrait was better than we could have imagined and I still don’t know what type of magic Jason uses to create such a real, make-believe setting. If I didn’t know better, I would swear there really exists a baseball field nestled between our church and Ranger Stadium. Definitely not your grandparent’s family portrait!