Would You Take this Hike Up to Angel’s Landing?

An Epic View of my Hike Up to Angel's Landing

“Adventure… It’s what makes life worth living and gives us that sense of being alive, and who doesn’t love doing things you never thought you could do?”

~ Jason Ulsrud

jason ulsrud in zion canyon utah

Just over a year ago I never thought I would be hiking up a small hill, little lone Angel’s Landing in Zion Canyon, Utah. Thanks, however, to modern technology and the loving support of friends and family, I’m once again seeking adventure like never before.

Here’s a short video of my most recent adventure to Zion Canyon, Utah.

After watching other YouTube videos of Angel’s Landing and knowing this would be my first big hiking adventure since my new hips, I knew this hike up to Angel’s Landing was going to epic.

So, I bought the Insta360 One X camera, which I’ll review in an upcoming YouTube video, to capture the scenic views and awesome assent to the top.

Here are some more images of Zion Canyon in Utah.

zion canyon in utah

mountain in zion canyon national park

angels landing mountain in zion national park utah

river in zion national park utah

If you’re looking for adventure with some of the most scenic views ever, Zion National Park in Utah will not disappoint.

Here are some photos I caught with my iPhone.

jason ulsrud and taren ulsrud in zion national park

panoramic photo of zion national park in utah

jason ulsrud and taren ulsrud in zion canyon utah

road in zion national park utah

As you can see, the views were amazing and the adventure was epic at Zion National Park in Utah.

Now, where will your next adventure be?

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To answer your question. Not NO but HELL NO. Love Zion. you have been places I never made it to yet. Jealous.

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