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Horatio Alger and some Event Photography

A few months ago, thanks to my Amazing clients Steve and Barbara Durham, I had the opportunity to be the Event Photographer for an event they were hosting for the charitable group Horatio Alger.

If you’ve never heard of Horatio Alger, I recommend you taking a look to see what this amazing group is all about.

Here’s their link:

So, here I am in a room with the Who’s Who of Dallas and beyond, rubbing elbows with some of the wealthiest people in Dallas and I think, “I’m so lucky to have this opportunity and even luckier to have such amazing clients as Steve and Barbara.”

I’m going to share some of the images I captured from the event, but I want to emphasize how important it is to any small business to have people who support them like Steve and Barbara have me in getting my Photography business off the ground.

I truly appreciate them and all the others who have helped me along the hard path of starting a business.

Now, let’s look at some Event Photography…

Horatio Alger

I’d like to share a little Horatio Alger so you have a better understanding of who these people are and how much good they bring to the world.

As written in their Annual Report for 2016…

“The Association bears the name of the renowned author Horatio Alger, Jr., whose tales of overcoming adversity through unyielding perseverance and basic moral principles captivated the public in the late 19th century. The organization’s founder, Dr. Kenneth Beebe, in close association with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, hoped to inspire individual Americans to reach their highest potential, thereby strengthening American society as a whole. They created the Association to recognize men and women of outstanding achievement as a way to remind Americans of the limitless possibilities that exist through the free-enterprise system.”

“Horatio Alger Members support promising young people with the resources and confidence needed to overcome adversity and pursue their dreams through higher education. Thanks to their generosity, the Association awards more than $12 million annually in undergraduate and graduate need-based scholarships across the United States and Canada and provides college support and mentoring services to its Scholars. Since 1984, the Association has awarded more than $125 million in college scholarships to more than 22,000 deserving young people.”

Click Here to read more about Horatio Alger.

The Event Photography

While Event Photography isn’t typically my thing, I happily accepted the opportunity to be the Event Photographer for the Horatio Alger event, inducting their newest President.

event photography for horatio alger event in dallas texas

harp at horatio alger event in dallas tx

event photography for horatio alger in dallas tx

The location was small and there were a lot of people attending, so space was tight, making the Event Photography a bit more challenging.

barbara durham and jan miller at horatio alger event in dallas

bill durham and tara durham at horatio alger event

The great thing about working with Horatio Alger on this event was the location, which was amazing with great artwork on the walls.

couple at horatio alger event in dallas texas

jan miller at horatio alger event

event photography of horatio alger event

One thing I found truly inspiring was how much success and wealth was in such close proximity. So many people are doing so many great things.

steve durham presenting to horatio alger in dallas tx

jan miller presenting to horatio alger in dallas tx

trumpet player at horatio alger in dallas tx

horatio alger group event photography

That’s a Wrap

I have to admit, I was a little reluctant to accept the job of Event Photographer for the Horatio Alger event here in Dallas, TX, but like going to the gym and working out, once I got there and started working with people, I had such a great time.

I’m thankful for the job opportunity and I’m super thankful to Steve and Barbara Durham who continue to support my dreams of making a living from doing something I love.

What’s your take on Event Photography? Do you have an Event you’d like Photography of? Contact Me or leave a comment below.

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