How a Three-Legged Doberman got the Best of a Wiener Dog

How do you capture your crazy fun family in a normal everyday photo?

With a Doberman that has three legs, an insanely cool home, and crazy personalities, the Graham family asked themselves that very question.

Now, they have a creative family portrait that allows us all to experience what it’s like to be a Graham.

creative portrait of hilary and jace graham family in dallas texas around pool

Now that you’ve seen how amazing Jace and Hilary’s portrait looks, let’s rewind and take a look at how we got here so you can see some of the before and after photos and a complete breakdown of the finished portrait.

The Discovery Session

The very first step to bringing the Graham family to life in a uniquely different portrait, was for us to come together for a Discovery Session.

This is where I really got to know Jace and Hilary and discover what made them such a fun and loving family.

After chatting for a bit, we began designing out a family portrait that captured each fun personality, we talked about where they’d like to display their family art, and what size best fits their home.

Following their Discovery Session, I went to work on a concept sketch of their portrait so they could begin to see what to expect.

concept sketch for the graham family creative portrait

Upon completing their sketch, we scheduled an Approval Session.

The Approval Session

Now, it was time for Jace and Hilary to become the Director of their creative family photo so they could make changes and ultimately approve the concept of their family portrait.

While I’m usually afforded a lot of creative liberties, it’s important that the Grahams have the ultimate veto power and approve the concept that’s perfect for their family.

With the concept sketch approved, it’s time to move on to the Photo Sessions.

The Photo Session(s)

Just like with a box office movie where you start by developing a story and sketching it out, it was time to break out the camera and do some photography.

photographing the graham house for creative portrait

To make sure the lighting is just right, the camera angles are spot on, and all perspectives match up, I photographed Jace and Hilary’s scene before photographing anything else.

I consider this the canvas for the rest of the portrait.

Here’s a split-screen of the photo so you can see the difference between what came out of my camera and what’s now hanging on the Graham’s wall.

Now that the photography and artwork of the scene are complete, the next step was to wrangle the Grahams up so I could do the rest of the photography of them.

before and after photos of hilary graham for family portrait
photos of jace graham for creative portrait
photos of family dog for portrait

We had so much fun and a whole lot of laughs during our photoshoot with Jace and Hilary.

Portrait Breakdown

Rewinding all the way back to the Discovery Session, Jace and Hilary had no idea what to expect or how all this madness would come together in such a unique way.

They just trusted it would and they weren’t disappointed.

Here’s a breakdown of the Graham’s creative family portrait so you can see for yourself how unique it is.

photography breakdown of graham creative family portrait

The Grahams were blown away by their portrait and now you can see how why.

Oh, the 3 Legged Doberman

Graham’s dog Juno had a medical issue with its front leg and unfortunately had to have it amputated.

However, Juno gets around as good as any dog and is doing great!

As you can see in the portrait, Juno is getting ready to bite a hot dog out of the tongs of Jace, hence the three-legged Doberman getting the best of the wiener dog.

Now, if you have a crazy family you’d like to bring to life in a uniquely different way, give me a call at (214) 945-3226 and let’s get you booked for a portrait.

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