How Many Words are 69 Pictures Worth?

You’ve probably never thought about why you want something different, you just know you do. Perhaps it’s because you see something in yourself, or in your family nobody else sees, or you’re tired of getting the same old family portraits every year that only say you’re a really stiff family with nice smiles.

Have you ever heard the saying, “A picture is worth a 1,000 words?”

Unfortunately for most family portraits you and your friends have gotten in the past, those words are things like nice, average, typical, common, traditional, similar, and my favorite, BORING!

Let’s face it, the family portraits as you’ve always known them are BORING and I don’t blame you for not wanting the same old boring portrait this time.

Fortunately, I’m going to show you how you can turn a 1,000-word picture into a 69,000-word family portrait.

The Garrett’s Story

Like so many people, Kim Garrett found Photillustrator by Jason Ulsrud while having lunch with a group of girlfriends one day who showed her a uniquely different way to do a family portrait. Knowing one of the families, Niki and David Campisi, Kim was inspired to reach out and get a creative family portrait of her own.

dan and kim garrett's creative family portrait out at their ranch

Upon meeting with Kim during her Discovery Session, more than wanting something “different”, Kim wanted a family portrait that would capture each of the personalities of her amazing family in a fun and entertaining way.

In other words, she wanted a family portrait she could look back on and remember this time in their lives.

69,000 Words

Ok, so you’ve heard the old saying that a picture is worth a 1,000 words, and if you haven’t, then now you have.

“A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words.”

Your family’s story, however, can’t possibly be summed up in just one picture, which is what most boring family portraits try to do.

That’s why we’ve created a way to take many, many pictures of your family, artistically blend them together, then illustrate the amazing personalities and story your uniquely different family has to tell.

So, if a picture is worth a 1,000 words, wouldn’t a creative family portrait using 69 pictures be worth 69,000 words?

To give you a better idea of the attention to detail your family portrait will have, here’s a breakdown of each of the pictures that went into the Garrett’s family portrait.

the picture by picture breakdown of composite photography family portrait of kim garrett by photillustrator

1. Kim Garrett
2. Dan Garrett
3. Carson Garrett
4. Carson’s Arm
5. Jack Garrett
6. Jack’s Head
7. Wilbur
8. Wilbur’s Ears
9. Charlie
10. Winston
11. House
12. Water Cow
13. Black Cow
14. Mama Cow
15. Baby Cow
16. Horses
17. Flying Geese
18. Background Grass
19. Right Grass
20. Left Grass
21. Pond
22. Dock
23. Tractor

24. Carson’s Tree
25. Tree Stump
26. Chainsaw Art
27. Chainsaw Dust
28. ATV
29. Tree
30. Tree
31. Tree Limb Right
32. Tree Limb Middle
33. Tree Limb Left
34. Tree Limb
35. Metal Barn
36. Grain Bin
37. Weeds Right
38. Weeds Middle
39. Weeds Left
40. Gravel Road
41. Garrett Sign
42. Garrett Sign Posts
43. Far Background Trees
44. Trees Behind House
45. Sky
46. Sunset Sky

47. Chase Building
48. Rocket Building
49. Power Building
50. Green Light Building
51. Reunion Tower
52. Flying Hawks
53. Flying Birds
54. Football
55. Grill Fire
56. Carrot Greens
57. Papa’s Boots
58. Roll with It Ball
59. Championship Ring
60. Golf Flag
61. Alabama Flag
62. Texas Flag
63. Elctra License Plate
64. Garrett Logo
65. Facebook Logo
66. Mario Bros Game
67. Jack’s Drone
68. Cross
69. Butterfly

Transforming a 1,000 Words to 69,000 Words

Imagine yourself sitting there looking over your creative family portrait and day-remembering how fun and loving your family is.

It’s better than watching T.V.

While it’s easy to get lost in your amazing family portrait, let me show you how we transform each of the 1,000-word pictures we take into the 69,000-word portrait you will receive.

composite photography before and after of wilbur

composite photography before and after of kim garrett

composite photography before and after of dan garrett

creative family portrait before and after of carson

creative family portrait before and after of jack

That’s a Wrap

Ok, right now you’re faced with the decision of having a family portrait done that’s totally different, that tells your unique family story, and that’s worth thousands of words to share with friends and family, or you can do the same old boring family pictures that’s worth a 1,000 common words and doesn’t get anybody’s attention.

Who are you?

Unique and Different? or boring and common?

Is your family worth 69,000 words or only a 1,000?

Have a question about our Creative Family Portraits? Email us or leave a comment below and ask away!

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